Find out how your customers truly feel about the service you provide, and create a benchmark to measure future scores against.

When you choose Aaron's Department's Benchmark Surveys, you get access to two different types:


General Score Survey

General Survey

This survey type can focus on any area of your business that you want rating - such as the customer service you deliver, or the speed of service.

Basically, if your business does it, you can ask your customers their opinion on it!

Promoter Score Survey

Promoter Score Survey

Also known as Net Promoter Score (NPS), its sole aim to discover how loyal your customers really are.

It's a very direct question, but ultimately, it's guaranteed to get the answers you need to know.

Results At Your Fingertips!

Once the survey(s) have been completed by your customers, all the results, as well as average scores, are available to view in easy-to-read, printer friendly graphs in the Report Hub.

These can then be sent to relevant members of staff or departments to ensure anyone can be aware of the customer perception of the business - a must have when looking to improve the customer service you and your employees provide.

Later on the scores can be used as benchmarks to be compared with future results which makes it clear to see any progress your business has made. Scores improving? Brilliant, keep up the good work! Staying the same, or declining? You can proactively act and makes changes, rather than waiting for your end-of-year figures to tell you!

How Do Benchmark Surveys Work?

Create and collect results in four easy steps:

Choose Your Survey

1. Choose Your Survey

Make the choice between making a General or Promoter Score Survey.

Can't decide? You can make and send as many surveys as you want, as often as you want.

Decide who receives the surveys

2. Decide Who Receives

Every one of your customers can be given tags, e.g. over 50, lives in London etc.

These tags are then used to filter who should receive your survey.

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3. Create The Survey

All surveys are fully customisable!

Depending on whether you chose a General or Promoter Score Survey will impact the questions you ask.

Send out and collect data!

4. Send Out & Collect!

When integrated with API, the surveys will automatically be sent out to those who you want to receive them via email.

All results are then available in the Report Hub.


  • Choose between General and Promoter Score Benchmark Surveys.

  • Fully customisable survey questions and scoring.

  • Use customer tags to ask exactly who you want the answers from.

  • All responses are automatically collected and compiled into reports.

  • API integration allows for complete automation.

  • Use results as "Benchmarks" to compare against future results.


  • Know exactly what your customers think of your business.

  • Easily identify underperforming areas or departments.

  • Results allow you to proactively act, rather than waiting until it's too late.

  • Easy to read data makes it easy to understand progress.

  • Jump in and get started straight away with user-friendly options.

  • Automatically send out as many surveys to as many customers as you want.