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Recording and evaluating your phone calls is a highly effective way of monitoring your staff and training them in the correct customer service techniques. As the recordings can be kept after evaluation, they can be played back during training so that your agents can listen to a selection of both good and bad customer service calls.

All recordings are stored remotely on our servers and are made available for you to either listen to and evaluate yourself or to outsource the evaluation to one of our trained analysts who will then impartially provide a report back to you detailing the outcome of the call.

The call recordings also offer an indisputable record of business transactions and can be called upon to resolve disagreements or to confirm details.

The call assessment is PCI compliant and follows FCA regulations to ensure you meet the necessary industry specifications.

Our service does not require you to purchase any hardware, all that is needed is for you to download a script we will send you which will automatically upload your call recordings to our servers. These recordings will then be made available for you to playback and evaluate over your wireless connection.

Calls can be listened to within minutes of hanging up.

As companies use different phone systems, we can tailor the call assessment to suite your individual company. Please inform us of the system that you use and we will work around this.