Implement call center Best Practices to Reduce
Average Call Handling Time

What is Average Call Handling Time and Why is it a Problem?

Time is money, and the more time each agent spends on a call, the more it costs to operate a call centre.

Contact centers have tried different methods to reduce operating costs.
One of these is reducing the average call handling time (AHT) for each agent.

How to Reduce Call Handling Time

In our experience, the way to get the average handling time down is by developing the call handling skills of each agent. This improves the quality of the customers' experience by resolving the reason for the call the first time.

In time, agents become more proficient at handling customer's queries, improving overall customer service levels.

Three stopwatches in various sizes surrounded by the text 'Remember: To reduce AHT, focus on improving call handling skills'.

Call Centre Best Practices

bebexs helps call centres follow QA best practices, encouraging agents to evaluate their own calls and identify areas for improvement.

1 - A Good Use For the Call Recordings

The user-friendly design makes call recordings become much more than just copies of conversations!

bebexs uses the enormous potential they have and puts them to good use.

The call recordings are used for:

  • Call evaluations and self-evaluations
  • Identifying what agents need to improve
  • Call agent coaching

2 - Timely Coaching is Better Than Eventual Appraisals

Call evaluations are made simple. Instead of allowing an issue to fester by tackling it months later at appraisal time, bebexs provides immediate and timely coaching and rectification of the issues quickly and efficiently.

3 - Evaluate Your Agents by Relevant Staff

Call recordings are well organised and easily accessible, allowing evaluations to be carried out by everybody who has permission to listen to them.

4 - Calibrate the Call Centre

You can easily compare the MDs evaluation with all other evaluators. The aim should be to have everyone scoring a call in the same way and being able to see differing scores will lead to proper calibration of the scoring process.

Have everyone evaluate a call the same way as the MD.

Four people pulling a box with bebexs logo on it, surrounded by the text 'Calibration - If you want better results make sure everybody is pushing in the same direction'

5 - Encourage Agents to Self-Evaluate Correctly

It is our natural instinct to defend ourselves when attacked. Unfortunately, feedback can be easily interpreted as an attack. In such a case, the response of the agents could show a denial that there is a problem and progress won't happen.

The best way to help agents embrace feedback is by encouraging them to assess their own calls.

Self-evaluation removes the psychological barrier that a lot of people have towards accepting feedback.

The important part is to help agents be objective in their evaluation. This method encourages agents to score themselves fairly and this is the key to progress.

6 - Identify and Quickly Sort Improvements

With bebexs, agents identify personal weaknesses on their own and overcome them faster than if they were told to change by management.

7 - Coach and Train the Call Agents

Not every agent has the same weakness. With our system, you can easily identify what training and coaching needs to be given to each agent to improve their call handling skills. Reduced average call handling time is a natural result of this guidance.

What is Immediately Noticeable When You Start Using bebexs

  • Motivated agents
  • Motivated superiors
  • Reduced repeat mistakes
  • Fewer repeat calls

Benefits of Using bebexs in the Medium Term

  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Superstar agents
  • Reduced average call handling time
  • Reduced queue lengths
  • Satisfied Customers
  • Better utilisation of staffing

It Helped Us

After we discovered the obvious, "Not-So-Secret Sauce", we saw that it encouraged agents to self-evaluate their calls without bias and we saw the results we were searching for. It left our agents motivated and wanting to continually strive to be better. Having fantastic consistent customer service is much better than having it some of the time, leaving our call centre in a much better position.

It Worked for Us. Will bebexs Work for You?

We know it will, so we offer you a

A red stamp guaranteeing a risk-free 100% refund within two months

We are so confident bebexs will give you the same results that it gave us, we are prepared to offer you this guarantee. If at any point in the first 60 days you are not happy, cancel and we will refund 100% of any money paid to us.