What is Call Center QA?

Call center QA (or Quality Assurance) is a way of eliminating problems when delivering services to customers.

How to Improve Quality Assurance Practices in a Call Centre?

Improving the call center's quality assurance will help improve both call agents and CSAT (customer satisfaction) rates.

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Bebexs is a call center quality assurance system that transforms the way call agents view their job. With its unique self-evaluation approach, it changes agent's mindset and highlights where they can improve. It helps you to use QA best practices to improve your new and current call agents, achieving much higher CSAT rates.

QA Practice 1: Find Out Where You Stand

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The call centre should start with customer feedback to see what their service is currently like to determine what needs to be improved.

How to Get Customer Feedback on a Regular Basis

bebexs enables you to send e-mail questionnaires containing a survey about the customer service and CSAT. This is non-intrusive and time-efficient.

CSAT – Customer Satisfaction Rates

Customer feedback is invaluable to improve the call center's customer service and it will help them to measure its CSAT rates.

How bebexs Helps With CSAT Rates

bebexs contains a built-in email survey which is highly customisable and can be sent to customers. This will give you valuable insight into what your customers think about your call centre’s customer service and will point out areas for improvement.

QA Practice 2: Identify Weak Points and Improve Them!

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Every organisation has weak points. The hard part is to identify and eliminate them.

And how do you identify weak points in a call centre?

CSAT rates are much more than just a number!

Call centres can base the identification of weak points solely on customer’s feedback but this isn't enough. They need a proper call evaluation system that can identify mistakes and encourage agents to improve.

Evaluate Calls Properly!

After identifying what customers dislike about the service, call centres need to evaluate calls to see how and where agents make mistakes, then prompt agents to improve by setting goals to achieve without pressuring them.

bebexs Is a Tool which Helps Agents to Improve!

Self-evaluation is the key focus on bebexs. It doesn’t matter how you evaluate agents if they listen to the call and don’t assess it in the same manner.

To a call agent, evaluations from superiors can often appear to be subjective. bebexs gives agents a chance to listen to their calls and evaluate them objectively.

Of course, agents will always consider their evaluations to be objective even if they are highly subjective. The built-in comparison system and the 'Not-So-Secret Sauce' encourages agents to be more realistic about their calls.

A circle representing four stages of improving customer satisfaction rates with call evaluation and call quality monitoring, including identify issues, seek training, learn and adapt, and improve call handling.

QA Practice 3: Hire Well and Train Well!

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It doesn’t matter which call centre QA practices are implemented if there isn’t a well-written hiring and training policy to go alongside them.

Here are the best call centre QA practices when it comes to hiring and training new staff:

1: Hire the Right People to Do the Job

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The following link contains some helpful pointers for you.

2: Give Them Appropriate Training

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As part of the initial training program, having new starters listen and evaluate a mix of calls can be an excellent way to prepare them for going on the phones and boost their call handling skills.

3: Continually Identify Areas Each Agent Needs to Improve

A magnifying glass hovering over a text with focus on the word 'issues' representing the process of identifying areas for improvement.
bebexs allows people from all positions in the business to evaluate calls (if they have permission) and this includes the agents themselves. The constant reviewing and self-realisation help agents to see their mistakes and make the path to improvement easier.

QA Practice 4: Monitor Call Quality Properly!

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Call quality monitoring is a third party listening in on a call to evaluate it. The best practice is to focus on both bad and exceptional calls. Focusing on bad calls shows where the agents can improve, whereas focusing on exceptional calls shows where agents should strive to be.

How bebexs Enables Efficient Call Quality Monitoring and Evaluations

The bebexs system sends a percentage of each agent's calls to themselves for self-assessment, a percentage of their evaluations to their immediate supervisor, a percentage of their supervisor's evaluations to their supervisor's manager, and so on until it gets to the top.

Agents don't know which calls will be checked, or who will check them.

Our system has a beneficial effect on your motivated agents too, encouraging them to upgrade their call handling skills and improve how they deal with calls.

How to Design an Evaluation Questionnaire

The questionnaire must be understood by everyone and should be scored consistently. When using bebexs, this is not as big a problem.

The relevance and importance of a question should reflect the weighting you attach to it considering what your customers regard as important. This can include points such as call opening, greeting, product knowledge, politeness, friendliness, problem resolution and call closing.

A call evaluation form being designed accompanied by the text 'Customise your evaluation forms to align with your company's goals and vision'

QA Practice 5: Provide Ongoing Coaching!

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After being hired, agents must be trained before being put on the phones. Training call centre agents as part of QA practice is nothing new it is what happens after the initial training that needs improving in some Call centres.

What happens after the initial training?

Either the new agents strive to become better or they start picking up bad habits from under-performing agents - the latter is the case with most new agents.

bebexs Enables Ongoing Coaching

With bebexs, you can select any particular call (good or bad) and mark it for training purposes to be used to coach agents.

bebexs Encourages Agents to Constantly Improve

It actively encourages agents to find out and rectify the mistakes they make while on the phone. If they realise their mistakes by themselves improvement is what follows.

Self-Assessment, assessment from a different perspective

Having call agents self-evaluate their calls allows them to see their work from a different point of view.

The bebexs score method is based on the evaluation score and the difference between an agent's self-evaluation score and the highest ranked managers' evaluation score. This way, the agents are receptive to coaching and in some cases, they actively seek out ways to improve their performance themselves.

Employing These Call Center Quality Assurance Practices Will Lead to Improved CSAT Rates

At the end of the day, the goal of each call center is to have the best CSAT rates possible.

With bebexs, you can use QA best practices to identify where your customer service is currently at, and then improve it with training by identifying areas each agent needs to improve.

Coaching agents to rectify their problems will increase call handling skills across the whole call centre. With well-trained call agents, customers will experience an enhanced service and obtain better outcomes for their calls, increasing customer satisfaction rates.

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We are so confident that bebexs will you give you the same results that it gave us, that we are prepared to offer you this guarantee. If at any time in the next 60 days you are not happy with the service provided or the result you are getting with bebexs then, let us know, and we will refund 100% of any money you have paid to us.