Call Center Training With bebexs:
A Way to Create Star Performers

Customers want (among other things) to be understood, respected, and have their problems solved.

If a customer is not satisfied with the service delivered, they may try the next option - calling your competitors!

To help you avoid that, we offer you bebexs - a call center quality assurance software.

bebexs revolutionises your call centre.

By properly training agents from the off, they are more likely to become superstars and make your customers happy. Use bebexs to improve their call handling skills and raise their performance.

A satisfied customer being asked if there was anything else the agent could do for her and she responds 'No, thank you. You've been brilliant!'

Take Your Contact Center Training to a Higher Level with bebexs

Every call is an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction. One single bad call could make a customer unhappy, which could affect the profit.

The call centre staff are responsible for the quality of service, so they need to be well prepared.

Training and constant coaching will allow them to become fantastic call agents.

bebexs is here to help you with that.

Circular graph divided on four parts which are connected with a repeat sign, showing the steps to constant improvement of call agents' call handling skills, starting from identify, then learn, then adapt, and then improve.

A Quality Assurance System That Actually Works

bebexs enables you to quickly set up an effective quality assurance system in a contact center and encourages agents to recognise what they need to change and to strive for improvement. The bebexs call evaluation software will help you improve contact center customer service. It is cloud-based and delivered as a service, avoiding a large upfront investment and the painful hardware and software implementation.

Evaluate Calls Regularly and Use Them For Coaching

A regular evaluation of calls allows for an easy identification of any call handling skills that need improving. bebexs makes it possible for all of the evaluated calls and recordings to be used for coaching purposes and agent training.

bebexs encourages agents to spot what they need to improve on, and because they identify the problem themselves, they become more receptive to further training and coaching.

An infographic representing road signs on which point the direction to improving call handling skills, one direction is with small regular corrections and the other is with occasional big corrections.
The steps to improve agent's call handling skills represented with smiley faces, starting from agent identifying mistakes, then agents seeking solution, then agents improving skill level, then agents becoming happy, which leads to happy customers and happy management.

Improve Customers’ Experience and Satisfaction

Once you identify and rectify call handling issues, agents will be able to solve customers problems faster and more efficiently.

The better the customer service, the more satisfied customers, resulting in the number of complaints going down, and recommendations going up.

Reduce Call Centre Turnover

By conducting proper call centre training with the help of bebexs, you will have your call agents performing the way you want.

High-performing agents will solve customers’ problems and make them happy. Happy customers means success, and successful agents won’t think about quitting. With bebexs, you will be able to reduce the call centre's problem with staff turnover.

Easily Assessable with Just One Click

bebexs allows the evaluation questionnaires to be used shortly after the call has ended. The evaluator clicks a button, the phone rings, and the call recording is played through the phone. At the same time, bebexs displays the evaluation on their screen.

The QA questionnaire for the customers will be automatically sent.

Everything Changes For the Better

Call centre training with bebexs changed everything in our business.

Having all of our calls recorded and them evaluated by relevant staff and self-evaluated by the agents themselves showed us and our call agents where we were going wrong.

With the mistakes clearly pointed out, we knew what had to change. We started paying more attention to the issues during training and started to coach quality assurance as well.

With bebexs, we are better prepared to do the training and make superstars of our call agents.

The road we took wasn’t easy or cheap at all, but we’ve made it!

We are now offering bebexs as a product for a fraction of the cost, to allow more organisations the opportunity to improve their business.

Choose the option to make your customers happy by improving your call agents’ performance.

It Worked for Us. Will bebexs Work for You?

We know it will, so we offer you a

A red stamp guaranteeing a risk-free 100% refund within two months

We are so confident that bebexs will you give you the same results that it gave us, that we are prepared to offer you this guarantee. If at any time in the next 60 days you are not happy with the service provided or the result you are getting with bebexs then, let us know, and we will refund 100% of any money you have paid to us.