Same staff

Better calls

Self-evaluation and a little bit of our

"Not so secret sauce"

bebexs call evaluation software helps you engage with your agents,
and transforms the quality of call handling by encouraging
Call advisors to embrace feedback,
dramatically improving how they deal with each call.

Improve Quality Assurance with bebexs Call Evaluation Software

Contact centers must consistently provide excellent customer service.

Using bebexs call evaluation software to achieve QA best practices will improve:

Call handling

Customer satisfaction rates

Agent motivation

Staff retention rates

bebexs encourages honest self-evaluations and because agents are pointing out their own mistakes, they don't get defensive.

Call advisors change their view on feedback, improving how they deal with each call. With bebexs, even poor performers can become stars.

What Does bebexs Do?

It encourages the improvement of your agents' call handling skills, motivates them and reduces job dissatisfaction.

Your customers will be happier, agents will answer more calls, and this should have a positive impact on your bottom line.

A graph showing how bebexs call evaluation software improves call agent's performance from poor, to ok, then to good, then to great, and finally outstanding by having agents learn from and help each other to achieve more.

Some of the Benefits When Using bebexs

  • Happier staff
  • Improved customer experiences
  • Same staff but better - bebexs quickly identifies everything each agent needs to do to become as good as your best call agent
  • Lower staff turnover - Yes, if you start using bebexs, this can be achieved (It worked for us)
  • Free up supervisors time - Call agents improve the work they do for you, with the minimum of supervision time
  • Get your best agents on the phone more - Improving your current staff instead of constantly churning over call agents will release your best agents from shadowing the new starters

bebexs can be used as a:

Training tool
Coaching tool
Compliance system
Call indexer
Way to listen to calls easily
QA control system
Scorecard template system
Call evaluation system
Way to measure call centre metrics
Tool to lower your staff turnover

It offers several successful methods to improve customer service and satisfaction levels.

bebexs Improves Your Call Center Quality Assurance

It smartly organises call recordings and reduces the number of issues preventing call centres from evaluating calls efficiently.

To listen to a call, you simply:

A graph showing the easy process of listening to a call recording with bebexs by simply clicking on it.

Consistent call handling is now possible. With our call evaluation software, everybody wins - from the call agents to the owner of the organisation.

It Worked for Us. Will bebexs Work for You?

We know it will, so we offer you a

A red stamp guaranteeing a risk-free 100% refund within two months

We are so confident that bebexs will you give you the same results that it gave us, that we are prepared to offer you this guarantee. If at any time in the next 60 days you are not happy with the service provided or the result you are getting with bebexs then, let us know, and we will refund 100% of any money you have paid to us.