Same staff

Better calls

Self-evaluation and a little bit of our

"Not so secret sauce"

bebexs call evaluation software helps you engage with your agents,
and transforms the quality of call handling by encouraging
Call advisors to embrace feedback,
dramatically improving how they deal with each call.

How Call evaluation software made our business outstanding?

We figured our Call Centre needed a change in the way it provided Customer Service. It needed to be always fantastic, not just sometimes.

We needed a solution that will:

Improve call handling

Enhance customer experience

Motivate agents

Reduce staff turnover

Using the common approach to evaluating calls did not provide the results we expected. We found appraisals often ineffective, and keeping up with spreadsheets was doable but time consuming.

Then we developed bebexs call evaluation software

bebexs changed how our call advisors viewed feedback, which dramatically improved how they dealt with each call. Suddenly, even the poor performers we had become stars.

The key asset of bebexs is its effectiveness in encouraging honest self-evaluations. Agents don't inflate their scores and since they are pointing out their own mistakes to themselves, they don't argue or get defensive. Agents realise and accept their faults, embracing the notion that they need to improve their call handling skills even further instead of fighting change.

A graph showing how bebexs improves Call Agent's performance from poor, to ok, then to good, then to great, and finally outstanding by having Agents learn from and help each other to achieve more.

So how did bebexs revolutionize our call centre
by transforming the attitude of our Call Agents?

bebexs call evaluation method helps agents engage in their work, encouraging them to accept feedback as a positive thing and improve their call handling skills.

Engaged agents become happy agents, and happy agents are better on the phone. Customer satisfaction soars, and so does the atmosphere in the workplace, leading to lower staff turnover, less time spent interviewing and increased profits.

A green and white icon showing a silhouette of a man who talks

Message from our MD:
Like a lot of people I know, I don't usually like talking to call centre agents. In fact, I'm sure that my heart misses a beat when I call an organization and hear the hiss of background noise and an uninterested robotic voice. Why? Because usually the Call Agents I speak to are poorly trained and are lacking sufficient listening skills to deal with the reason for my call. That said, I've had some excellent experiences when calling call centres both at home and abroad. The problem is that I, like most people, always remember and judge an organization by the worst, not by the best call experience I've had with them. How to improve call centre customer service even further than it currently is?? I don't have all the answers, but I can tell you how we drastically improved our call centre's performance.

Bad words about a poor call handling experience starting from one person and spreading to hundreds of people, surrounded by the text 'A single unhappy customer can ruin your reputation'

Before the birth of bebexs

Trading since 1998, one of the businesses we operate in the UK is a recruitment agency which specialises in Supplying Nursing staff to care homes and hospitals; others supply software and technical services. We have two call centres: one in the UK and one abroad.

Over the years, as we took on more staff, the standard of service we provided to Customers over the phone was not improving. Although some of our calls were of excellent quality, a large part of them were not satisfactory. No matter the high hopes, and how much investments, both personal and professional on the side managers and supervisors, we just couldn't get all our Call Agents to improve further past a certain point. They were giving quality experience to our service users, but not at the level we wanted them to.

Not being able to help the agents improve, I seriously started considering shutting our overseas Call Centre and also shrinking the business in the UK so that I could have a more hands-on day to day control over the Call Agents. I'm glad I didn't take this radical step though, because I now realise that at the time I didn't understand the psychological reason behind the problem. So, even though I would have shrunk the problem, it wouldn't have disappeared entirely.

Our challenges:

  • Decrease staff turnover: Some of our Call Agents only lasted for a few months. All resources spent on recruiting and training them went down the drain, so we decided to put an end to it.
  • Reduce repeated calls: Sometimes, our agents didn’t manage to resolve the reason for the customer’s call, which reduced our customer’s trust in our service.
  • Constantly improve performance: We were employing keen and motivated people; we paid them well and invested time and effort in training them. They started out full of enthusiasm, and then didn’t improve any further.
  • Enhance customer experience: If we followed up a call to see if a Customer was happy with our service, we would receive feedback that sometimes they had to call multiple times and that our overall service should be much better.
  • Gain business: We needed to keep our Customers happy all the time by providing the best customer service for each call, because even one poor call might make them giving our competitors a call.

We had some excellent staff, but the rest just couldn't follow up. I was often heard complaining in frustration "Why can't they just say it like Bexs? (one of our star performers)" Our staff turnover was ridiculous; we were always dismissing and hiring new staff. However, no matter how much coaching and training we provided, the new agents would after a few weeks on the phones pick up bad habits.

Everybody is motivated on the first day of work

We were carefully picking the best candidates available. Our top performing Call Agents were training them and always tried hard to provide them with a suitable environment in which to work. I'm not naive; I know that some people are lazy, have no intention working and don't have the company's best interests at heart, but these are the few exceptions: our new call agents weren't terrible people, far from it. The more I thought about and reflected on the problem the more I concluded it was my fault this was happening, not theirs.

The search for a solution

Something had to change if we were to provide our Customers with the consistent level of service they deserve.

I and my team decided that we needed a solution that:

could integrate with our telephone system
allowed us to listen to and review calls easily
enabled us to set best call handling practices and call structures
identified problematic and inconsistent Call Agents
Four people search for a call evaluation software solution that will solve the call centre's problems in unusual places in the office: a plant pot, behind a PC monitor, under a desk and on a coat rack.
gave these agents a push in the right direction
increase call agents engagement
reduce staff turnover
would improve the way we provided feedback to our staff

We tried implementing some of the existing software packages available. Most were not meeting our needs; some were so complicated not even my IT guys could find their way around them, others were offering a solution to just a few of our problems.

After this long search, we realised there wasn't a perfect solution, and that the only way to fix our call handling problems was to create our own in-house call quality monitoring and assessment solution.

"Let's create our own solution!" - I said

We have some experienced software developers on our team, but it was harder than we thought. The road to where we are today was bumpy, and there were many setbacks. One after another, problems kept surfacing. We made mistakes, focusing on the wrong things such as how long an Agent was on a call or even worse how long they spent on the toilet. This over-control caused our Agents to regard our efforts suspiciously, and so they fought the changes we were trying to implement.

Trying and Scrapping features was just the natural process through which we developed our solution. It was hard, especially when we had to start over again losing days of work.

Man in a blue t-shirt writing solution on a white board

We didn't give up. Instead of being defensive we embraced feedback from our staff! We listened to our managers', supervisors' and Call Agents' comments, ditched the unpopular monitoring aspects of the application and decided to focus on using the Call Centre recording features to evaluate calls and deliver feedback. After analysing the traditional methods of call scoring and evaluation, we also ditched the bits that were pointless or provided unfavourable outcomes and focused on improving the rest.

Listening to our managers', supervisors' and call agents' comments and ideas put an end to our agents trying to fight change. Instead, they started to embrace it, and after a long development process and lots of learning, we finally finished the application.

We automatically assigned a percentage of each agent's calls to themselves for assessment, a smaller percentage to their immediate supervisor, an even lower percentage to their supervisor's manager, and so on until it got to the top.

As an MD, I could now leverage my time to compare my evaluation with my managers' evaluation, the Call Agent supervisors' evaluation and the individual call handler's own evaluation. Everybody agreed that this update of the call evaluation software would increase the quality of our call handling and provide consistency of assessment and therefore calls across the company.

The work in progress

We had high hopes. But we soon had to face the harsh truth.

At first, it didn't work as planned

In fact, it had the opposite effect. Agents felt under siege from the multiple evaluations and started reacting badly to what they perceived as constant criticism.

They were overwhelmed by the mountain of mistakes that were being pointed out to them. Instead of correcting them immediately, some just walked out the door.

So we kept on adapting, testing and listening to our managers', supervisors' and Call Agents' comments and ideas.

Then we discovered the "Not so secret sauce"

Everything changed. Our staff turnover plummeted, Agents changed their attitudes, became more positive and embraced the change. Our results improved dramatically, and our call handling was consistently better than before.

Some of the benefits we found using bebexs

  • Happier staff
  • Improved customer experiences
  • Same staff but better, bebexs quickly identifies everything each agent needs to do to become as good as your best Call Agent.
  • Lower Staff turnover: Yes, if you start using bebexs, this can be achieved (It worked for us).
  • Release supervisors time: Call Agents improve the work they do for you, with the minimum of supervision time.
  • Get your best agents on the phone more: Improving your current staff instead of constantly churning over Call Agents, will release your best agents from shadowing the new starters.

This is good, now what do we do with it?

Our results were so good that we decided to make it available to other companies and launch it as a stand-alone SAAS product.

But what to call it? We spent many wasted days writing name suggestions on the board, most of them were unsuitable some were even rather rude. Eventually, somebody wrote

Whiteboard showing how the name of the call assessment software bebexs was conceived

Everyone thought "I like it, it is catchy," but it also means nothing, so we can't use it. It was the end of the day, so they left it on the whiteboard and went home.

The next day in I walked (the MD) and started congratulating everyone, saying "Well done, I love it."

bebexs - be like Bexs, our best person on the phone.

bebexs call assessment software logo       was born
(I didn't get told how they actually came up with the name until a few weeks later)

OK, we now had a name, and since being the boss I have the final call. So, I decided to stick with it standing for "be like bexs".

Adapting bebexs to your Call centre

Setting up bebexs call evaluation software and adapting it to your operating systems is quick and easy. bebexs communicates with your phone system using an API. We provide you with the API and comprehensive support and guidance as part of your subscription. Our team will of course always be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Evaluation questions tailored to your business

With the flexible bebexs call assessments questions, it is easy to give Agents relevant and frequent feedback, then add in a bit of our "Not so Secret Sauce" and agents become aware of what they need to improve and willingly focus on developing their call handling skills without getting stressed.

Consistent improvement is just a natural result of using the bebexs call evaluation software solution.

It ain't what you do (it's the way that you do with it),
and that's what gets results

Transparent and fair evaluations are a crucial aspect of successful Call centres. If done promptly and correctly, Call centres can achieve optimal call handling, and the results can be outstanding. However, improperly scored Call Agents can quickly lose motivation, start dropping in performance and before you know it, you are pushing them out of the door.

bebexs innovative call evaluations help you get it right

The answer is to get Call agents to self-evaluate their calls with honesty. This self-evaluation is what bebexs is designed to do. Unlike traditional appraisals or spreadsheet scorecards, the bebexs' system encourages Agents to score themselves without inflating their scores. Because Agents are pointing out their own mistakes to themselves, they don't argue or get defensive, nor do they accuse anybody of picking on them. They realise and accept their mistakes, embracing the fact that they need to improve their call handling skills instead of fighting change.

A bar graph showing the steps towards great results with bebexs call evaluation software, starting from hiring well, then record calls, then self-assessment, then ongoing coaching, and the final step is same staff, better calls

Time to change!

After you witness your Call Agents embracing transparent self-evaluation, you will know that you made the right decision in choosing bebexs. Not only are Customers more satisfied because the quality of the call handling goes up, but the overall satisfaction and happiness of your agents will go up as well.

bebexs call evaluation software took us years to develop and solved our problems. It surpassed all initial expectations: it solved the problems our Contact center was facing.

A service quality check list on a notebook paper starting from terrible, going to average, then to good, then excellent, and on top is the best - bebexs call evaluation software

Could it be the solution to your problems?

Can bebexs call evaluation software help you take your Call centre to a new level?

It most certainly will. The benefits of using bebexs are immense. After implementing it in our Call centre, we can proudly share the following:

  • Our customer satisfaction rates are at the highest level ever
  • Our Call Agents readily try to better themselves without any complaints
  • Our Customers have a great time talking to our agents

bebexs is the right choice for any call centre where the goal is customer satisfaction alongside call agent happiness.

Even though it has cost us a considerable amount of money to develop, it was worth every penny. Using bebexs has made massive improvements to our business. So now, the next step is the pleasure of sharing bebexs with the world. We want to help contact centers and all other businesses that deal with Customers over the phone to improve their businesses and their staff's morale.

We are glad and happy to announce that bebexs is available to you for a fraction of what it cost us to develop. Released as a SAAS product, you pay a small monthly fee, and all the features are visible and accessible.

If it enables you to improve your business, or if you have any suggestion on how we can improve bebexs even further, please let us know.

We love receiving feedback since feedback is why we built bebexs call evaluation software in the first place.

bebexs improves the quality of calls

bebexs smartly organises call recordings:

  • User-Friendly interface that has a simple, yet elegant design
  • Flexible and easily customisable: you set the questions and appraisals rules
  • Need to listen to a call? Click on it in bebexs, your phone rings, you pick it up and listen to the call - simple

bebexs is everything call centres have hoped for, and even more. It eliminates issues that are preventing call centres from functioning efficiently.

Provide a better working environment for your staff and a better service to your Customers.

With our system everybody wins, from the Call Agents to the owner of the organisation. Consistent call handling in your Call Centre is just a few clicks away.

It worked for us. Will bebexs work for you?

We know it will, so we offer you a

A red stamp guaranteeing a risk-free 100% refund within two months

We are so confident that bebexs will you give you the same results that it gave us, that we are prepared to offer you this guarantee. If at any time in the next 60 days you are not happy with the service provided or the result you are getting with bebexs then, let us know, and we will refund 100% of any money you have paid to us.