• Frequently Asked Questions

  Does the call assessment comply with industry regulations?

Yes, the call assessment is PCI DSS and FCA compliant. The service also follows the regulations set out by the data protection act and the telecommunications (lawful business practice) act.

  How long will it take for calls to appear on the system?

Your calls will appear on the system and be ready for evaluation within minutes.

  Can I search for individual calls?

Yes, calls can be searched for using either the date function or the search agent function.

  Can the evaluation sheets be viewed / edited after they have been completed?

The evaluation sheets will be viewable through the link in the call history table. As far as being edited is concerned, the individual who carried out the evaluation is able to make changes to it however anyone else is only able to view it.

  What do I do if I want to bring a call to a managers / other agents attention?

There is the assign function where you can bring a call to the attention of another agent. There is also the option to add a comment to briefly explain why the call is being passed on. These calls will then appear in the “my assigned calls” folder.

  Can I come back to an evaluation or would I have to restart it?

Yes, if you begin an evaluation and can not finish it for what ever reason, it will be saved in the “my outstanding evaluations” folder. It will be saved there for 7 days at which point the system will block all other actions until the evaluation is completed.

  Do I have to evaluate calls that are not answered / have no content?

No, if a call is unanswered or has no verbal content then this call can be marked as empty. This will the close down the evaluation option and mark the call to let other agents know there is no content attached to it.

  Can the evaluations be changed at any time?

Yes, if at any point you wish to change the evaluation sheet or scoring criteria for your calls please call us with the amendments you wish to make and we will update the system for you.

  Where will our calls be stored and for how long?

Your calls will be automatically saved to our servers and will be stored there for 1 year with the option to keep them for longer if you wish.

  If we opt for you to evaluate our calls, how will we be informed of the results?

If we are evaluating your calls for you, we will email you a report containing the evaluation and any relevant comments.

  Is there a customer service number I can call if I encounter a problem?

If there is a problem with your system then please feel free to call our customer service helpline. As we created and use it ourselves, we are best placed to solve any problems that may arise with it.

  Can I listen to calls from anywhere or does it have to be a specific computer?

Once you have signed up to our service we will send you a downloadable script to install onto the computers you wish the system to work on. Providing you install the script, any computer will be usable.

  What are call recordings used for, why do we need them?

Call recordings can either be an industry requirement or an effective management tool, either way there is a multitude of reasons why you should have them:
Recordings can be used to prove PCI DSS compliance as well as following FCA regulations.
Recordings can be used as an effective training and coaching tool.
They can be used as an effective quality management tool.
The recordings provide a back up of data and client information.
They can be used to settle disputes by providing indisputable evidence of what has and has not been said.