Quality Monitoring Call Center
- What are the Options?

What's the benefit of using a call evaluation software over scoring call agents using spreadsheets?

We used spreadsheets and appraisals but the resources spent maintaining them were enormous.
We still had low CSAT rates and unhappy agents, and we didn't want that.

Then, we created bebexs.

bebexs is the result of a lot of effort spent trying to improve our call centre. It put our call recordings to good use and energised our agents!

Evaluating Calls and Scoring on a Spreadsheet

It's possible to score agents using spreadsheets, but it is very difficult and time-consuming.

A lot of time and effort needs to be dedicated to producing the call evaluation forms and the scorecard spreadsheets. Also, an audit procedure needs to be put in place to ensure nobody makes entry mistakes, to avoid losing months worth of collected data.

For the call agent, this works just as well as some of the call assessment software systems available. The real problem is with the time, effort, and management willpower needed to keep on top of it.

Because this is plenty of work, people are required to organise and audit it.

A man who chose to manually create a call evaluation system is overwhelmed with paperwork and is holding his head between his hands in agony.

Organising Spreadsheets

You can create a call center quality assurance scorecard system with the spreadsheets, manually.

You are able to do this by recording calls and:

  • Producing an up-to-date list of all recordings.
  • Creating a mechanism to listen to recorded calls.
  • Creating spreadsheet call evaluation forms.
  • Distributing evaluation forms to various users.
  • Amalgamating scores into a comparison spreadsheet.
  • Producing reports.
  • Comparing individual assessments.
  • Running calibration sessions to ensure standardised scoring.

Manual creation also requires the studying of the mechanisms of providing feedback. If not done correctly, providing feedback can have negative effects on performance.

Spreadsheets are Difficult to Maintain

A spreadsheet being represented as a prison of which the columns and rows are the prison bars which are broken and lead to a beach on a sunny day.

In all honesty, there is a reason why we made bebexs. We were performing quality monitoring call centre assessments manually, but the spreadsheets we were producing were too error-prone and not what we were after. Our staff turnover was rising and we had dissatisfied customers. We tried most of the tools available, but they were too complicated, time-consuming and difficult to maintain.

We had two choices.

Give up and try to make do with existing tools, or aim to become better. Compromising was never really an option for us, so we decided to create bebexs.

What is bebexs?

We were hoping you would ask that!

Agent Scoring Done Right With Quality Assurance Software

bebexs is a call center quality assurance system created to promote objective call evaluation. It provides a framework which enables you to do everything that can be done without a call evaluation software, but much faster.

With bebexs, you don't need to be a genius with spreadsheets. The user-friendly design enables you to start getting results right away without the hassle!

bebexs Enables You to Make the Most of Your Call Recordings

Your call recordings can be used to enable your call centre to function more efficiently.It's a:

Coaching tool
Call indexer

Using the "Not-So-Secret Sauce"

After we discovered the obvious, "Not-So-Secret Sauce", we saw that it encouraged agents to objectively self-evaluate their calls and it started producing fantastic results.

Adding a little bit of our “Not-So-Secret Sauce” will leave your agents motivated and wanting to continually strive to be better.

Having superb customer service all the time is much better than having it some of the time, and having it for just a fraction of the resources spent by trying to achieve it with traditional call centre quality monitoring systems, is even better.

Do you go down the DIY spreadsheet road or use a call center quality assurance system?

Comparison of two strategies for obtaining customer satisfaction on an infographic which represents two ways, one is the hard and convoluted way, the other is the easy way with bebexs call centre quality monitoring software.

The end result could be the same, but the time and resources spent getting the results mean they aren't worth the money or hassle.

Call centres can save a lot of time and money and produce faster and better results by implementing the bebexs quality assurance software.

Do You Need More Reasons?

If you're still having second thoughts don't, because:

We are so confident bebexs will give you the same results that it gave us, we are prepared to offer you this guarantee.
If at any point in the first 60 days you are not happy, cancel and we will refund 100% of any money paid to us.

A red stamp guaranteeing a risk-free 100% refund within two months