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The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) protects both the contact centres and the card holders from fraud. In order to comply with these guidelines, all and any authentication data and card details must not be recorded or stored in any way.

The new FCA requires companies to record phone conversations where by a payment or negotiation has been made with regards to a business transaction. Our service holds all your call recording for 1 year which more than covers the minimum of 6 months and gives you ample time to evaluate them.

If you would like to make the calls available for us or any other 3rd party to listen to, then it is of paramount importance that you inform the caller that they are being recorded or at the very least made every conceivable effort to inform them.

To ensure the utmost security and protection, our system is equipped with military grade encryption to keep your and your customers protection safe.
By law the caller needs to be made aware that the call is being recorded. The responsibility for this falls on yourselves as you are the contact centre. We therefore accept no liability for disputes of any kind relating to the miscommunication of information.

Ofcom rules state that every reasonable effort needs to be made in order to make the customer aware that their call is being recorded. You can do this by having a recording play at the beginning of the call informing them the call is being recorded for training and monitoring purposes. The reason for the recording needs to be made clear to the customer as well as the fact that it is being recorded. B2B Businesses should consider putting it into their terms of business.