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Provide your organisation with the right tool to coach and improve your staff members calls. Using the bebexs call assessment centre to evaluate your phones calls will enable and encourage your call centre staff to improve their calls.

The MD

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Why I created bebexs!

Running an international company with multiple offices, I was unhappy with the quality of the service we were providing our clients. We continually struggled to get our call agents to use the words, phrases and call structure required to achieve an outstanding result.

To improve the standard of our incoming and outgoing calls we were always dismissing and hiring new staff. However, no matter how much coaching and training we provided, the new agents would after a few weeks on the phones, pick up bad habits. We were employing good people, using our best employees to train them, but then somehow they were becoming bad. The situation was driving me insane! I seriously considered closing the whole call centre. However, in my heart, I knew it was my fault, not theirs.

I searched for a solution but couldn’t find one. Like most entrepreneurs, I am forever an optimist and believe everything is easier to do than it is. So I decided to create a call assessment application. What a task, it took ten times longer and a lot more money than I anticipated. Developing an in-house solution is an expensive option, but it also allows you to try different strategies, we were continuously updating, experimenting and fine-tuning things to get them just right.

We have been using the bebexs call assessment centre internally for two years now. Initially, we had mixed results. No matter how diplomatic you are, staff usually regard feedback as criticism and can quickly take offence. We had to make multiple changes to the design to encourage positive participation. After our latest major update, we realised that we had finally found the “Not so Secret Sauce”! (link)

How did we know we had got the solution?

Our results shot up, customer satisfaction and productivity increased, and our call centre staff were on-board and happy about their contributions to the company.

The IT guy

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Why I created bebexs!

When our MD came up with his latest bright idea, because I know that these sort of things can easily involve a significant amount of IT time, both helping users and configuring PBX systems, I told him that it would be difficult to achieve. My concern was that IT guys like me would be worried about the security implications and that they also wouldn’t be happy with the increased technical support requirements.

He listened and then said: “OK, write down what you believe the pitfalls will be.” I listed all my concerns and after looking at them, he said: “Now help me plan a system that avoids this lot”. Yes I know I fell for that one :-)

After much arguing, coffee and long days we eventually settled on a design that would be secure and minimise the time IT departments would need to spend installing and providing user support.

We decided to create a SAAS application that would centralise most of the configuration, upgrades and support needs. It would also keep the initial installation time to a minimum with just an API installed on each local phone server to encrypt the call data before transferring the information to our servers.

The Call centre manager

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Why I created bebexs!

When asked to help design a call assessment system I was eager to give my ideas. We were struggling with the same problem every call centre I have worked in has had. We lacked consistency, we had a few excellent call handlers, but most were not.
I told the MD I needed all staff with permission to listen to a call, to also be able to assess it. This request was the foundation for the big idea that evolved.

A system, encouraging each employee or manager to compare their assessments.

We automatically assigned a percentage of each agent's calls to themselves for assessment, then assigned a percentage of their assessments to their immediate supervisor and then assigned a percentage of their supervisor's assessments to their supervisor's manager and so on until it got to the top.
Suddenly our MD could compare his assessments with my own, my supervisors and the individual call handler. We believed this would increase the quality of our call handling.

We were wrong!

It had the opposite effect. Our call centre staff became demotivated from the constant feedback perceiving it as criticism. Our managers and supervisors (including me) believed that no matter what they said or how they said it, our staff were not listening to them. Then we found the "Not so Secret Sauce" (link).
Everything changed, our staff turnover plummeted, our results improved and our phone calls were consistently better than before.

The Call Centre Supervisor

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Why I created bebexs!

I did not create it, but I did get them to change and improve it. When the call assessment centre first came out, it concentrated on the wrong things. It was all about statistics and metrics, such as how quick the calls were answered, the average length of a call, how long and how many breaks staff took, and how long individuals spent on the toilet. I needed a tool that would allow me to pass on my knowledge to my team. Luckily I had the chance to express my opinion, and the management listened.

After an update I was able to evaluate my own and my team’s calls. I encouraged my agents to listen to themselves and their calls in order to identify their mistakes and fix them. However this didn’t work out too well, unless I sat down and did the evaluations with them, they didn’t notice much and usually gave themselves top marks for each call. The end result was they didn't learn anything and continued to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Then we came up with the “ Not so Secret Sauce” (link) solution, this encouraged everybody to be honest when evaluating their calls, which was the catalyst to my team's fantastic progress and performance. It is now easy to manage and coach my team to improve their call handling. I encourage them to develop themselves and to understand what they have got right and what they need to improve.

The Call centre agent

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I try hard at my job, constantly assess my wording, trying to improve what I say and how I say it. So I was excited to hear we were getting a new system that would help me do just that.

Unfortunately, when it arrived I did not like it, all we seemed to get was hassle from it, they did say that they would change things if we could suggest improvements, so I contributed a few ideas never expecting much to change. Happily, they implemented the changes I suggested, and now I can easily listen to and evaluate my calls. I am continually working on improving my performance. It is straightforward to use, and if I miss something in a call, I can quickly go back and relisten to it.

Searching and finding details about a call is a cinch, it is also useful to be able to identify and call back any missed callers as is the ability to identify people I have called in a postcode area.

I also like the protection bebexs provides me; once I had a Client claim, I was rude because I would not issue them a credit note. I knew that this was not the case and was quickly able to play the call back to my boss to settle the issue.

The best thing about it though is that previously, I hoped that my boss thought I was one of the best call handlers. Now I know he knows!

They even named the system after me.

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