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A Criminal Record Bureau check using our online CRB system enables you to get your CRB checks done faster. Our system is open to all Employers, Charities and Organisations who have personnel that need to get their CRBs checks in order to perform their roles or jobs. Registration for our online service is quick and easy (takes less than 15 minutes to complete). Once you have completed your registration and your account has been activated you can add applicants easily and invite them to complete their own Criminal Record Bureau checks online. We have made your life easier by including an error checking facility within the form, so applying for a CRB check is easy and reduces the chances of a rejected CRB application form. When your Applicant has completed their form and you have reviewed it, it is then double-checked by our Countersignatories before being sent to the Criminal Records Bureau immediately due to our direct connection to the UK Government Gateway.

It's free to register

To see how fast your applications can get done (under no obligation), we encourage you to register and try our online CRB checking service to see why our Clients continue to use our online checking service to get their CRB checks done for their employee/ staff. To do a Criminal Record Bureau check, register for free online now through our Aaron’s Department's website.

No minimum contract

We don't have a minimum amount of CRB checks or applications that need to be done and nor are you forced to stay with us. All our Clients use our online service because when they do their CRB checks using our online service, it is a quick and painless process.

CRB tracking online

Our online CRB checking service has an inbuilt CRB tracking feature to help make managing your staff or employee's CRBs easier. Our CRB tracking system allows you to get notification updates when a stage has been completed and you can also log in and see which stage the CRB has reached through the checking process from the comfort of your own account.

Criminal Record Bureau renamed

The Criminal Record Bureau UK (CRB) has merged with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is a non-departmental public body of the Home Office of the United Kingdom. Aaron's Department is a DBS Umbrella body providing an Online Disclosure service to organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Obtaining a Standard Criminal Record check or where required by law Enhanced CRB checks help identify candidates who may be unsuitable for certain work, especially work that involves children or vulnerable adults.
DBS tracking
Getting a Criminal Record Bureau Check (or a DBS check as it is now known), is easy using our online checking system. We are directly connected to the UK Governments Gateway, allowing us to process DBS checks quickly and efficiently for your company and employees. Our online DBS checking service checks and verifies each step ensuring no errors or delays.

DBS Check Testimonial ".......They are very helpful and efficient, I have been using them for over 13 years..........."
Lorraine Brooks
"After using paper applications for so long I was a bit sceptical about changing, but after looking at how easy and straight forward it is to sign up I would definitely recommend it"
Richard Turner

"Fantastic service for the DBS.

A speedy efficient service.

I will always use this company for my Applications"

Rachel Green
"Brilliant service..... it has definitely helped me get my staff into work faster than before"
Simon O'Donoghue