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Criminal Record Checks are now processed through the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Since 2012 Criminal record checks UK are now processed through the Disclosure and Barring Service and since this change are commonly referred to as DBS checks.
Aaron's Department is an Umbrella body that can do Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks on behalf of your business or organisation (formerly Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks).
Access to the DBS checking service is only available to registered employers who are entitled by law to ask an individual to reveal their full criminal history (other than protected cautions and convictions), including spent convictions, also known as asking ‘an exempted question’.

An exempted question

An exempted question applies when the individual will be working in specific occupations, for certain licences and specified positions. These are covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975.
The minimum age at which someone can be asked to apply for a criminal record check is 16 years old.
An employer entitled to ask an exempted question, may request a Criminal records check processed through the Aaron's Department as part of its recruitment process. For certain regulated activities the check will also include information held on the DBS children and adults’ barred lists, and any information held by police forces that is reasonably considered to be relevant to the applied for post.

Applicants who have lived overseas

The DBS can not access criminal records held overseas. If an applicant has lived or spent time abroad a DBS check may not provide a complete view of an applicant’s criminal record. It is an employer's responsibility should make sure they have access to all the information available to them to make a safer recruitment decision.
You can read about how to get a criminal record check for overseas applicants, or those who have previously lived outside the UK, on the Home Office website Guidance, Criminal records checks for overseas applicants

Using Aaron's Department for online Criminal record checks UK, you will speed up the processing time of your applications. You or your applicant can fill out the DBS application form, whichever is easier for your company and our bespoke error checking system, minimises the mistakes that can be made on an application form reducing the likelihood of rejected or queried forms. The system also allows the applicant or the organisation to pay or a combination of both.
How to guides are provided to help you and there is always someone in the office from 7am till 5pm should you require any advice.

Criminal Records Check UK
Your Criminal record check uk applications are processed and error checked using our online system. We have created an easy follow system that is very user friendly whether you are a computer whizz or not!

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