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  • A DBS Checking system that allows you to get your online Disclosures done fast.

The quickest DBS checking system

When we designed our system for online DBS checking, the primary point of focus was the end consumer experience. Our Aaron's Department development team took a look at every single point in the process, finding ways to simplify and significantly cut the time to fill in the applications down to the bare minimum. The end result is a platform which allows any organisation to get their DBS application forms processed in record times, with no fuss and avoiding any complicated procedures.
The entire process takes place online, you simply login, add and pay for each DBS application in one go, the applicant is emailed log in details, and they then fill in the form, our team checks the application and countersigns it. Then we send off the application to the DBS office via our direct connection. Results can be expected from the very next morning, saving you considerable amounts of time and money!

Focus on security

While concentrating on making the system as efficient as possible, we have certainly not forgotten about the security aspect. We use military grade encryption software to fully protect your data from the moment you log in to your account, to when the submitted DBS form is delivered to the Government's Gateway and enters their system. The customer's security is and has always been a priority at Aaron's Department.

Easy sign up, free support

The only prerequisite for using our DBS online system is signing the terms and conditions. After this is completed, you may use the system at will. And the best part of all is, we offer awesome support by highly trained technicians, Monday to Friday, 8 till 5. Absolutely free of charge!

No contracts, no hidden fees

When you sign up for Aaron's Department online DBS checking system, you get charged per DBS, with the prices clearly displayed on our website. We do not bind you with a contract, there are no minimum quotas of DBS checks to be performed, there is no upkeep or usage fee; you pay when you submit a DBS application for a check.

No limitations!

Aaron's Department allows you to take full control of your company's DBS checks. We are here to help when needed, but if not, you may process as many or as little DBS forms as you need, at any time of the day. Best of all, the prices can go down to as little as £3.33 per check if you take advantage of our paying in advance admin fee credit.
DBS Checking online
Our online DBS checking system provides an efficient way of applying for a DBS online. The direct connection to the UK Government's Gateway enables us to submit applications quickly reducing the amount of time that an application takes to be processed considerably.

DBS Check Testimonial ".......They are very helpful and efficient, I have been using them for over 13 years..........."
Lorraine Brooks
"After using paper applications for so long I was a bit sceptical about changing, but after looking at how easy and straight forward it is to sign up I would definitely recommend it"
Richard Turner

"Fantastic service for the DBS.

A speedy efficient service.

I will always use this company for my Applications"

Rachel Green
"Brilliant service..... it has definitely helped me get my staff into work faster than before"
Simon O'Donoghue


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