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  • Our Disclosure and Barring Service system, is a fast and simple way for you obtain an online disclosure.

Disclosure and Barring Service

Here at Aarons Department we have a direct link to the UK Governments gateway, allowing for your company to have a slick efficient DBS journey from start to finish. We offer free registration and free support throughout your application process. We also have a built in DBS tracker as we feel it is important to be able to track the progress of your application through the different stages of the check. The most likely hold up tends to come from external factors such as the Police checks. Different forces have differing levels of checks to complete. However, having the tracker will allow you to see exactly at what stage your check is at. If you're in any doubt as to what is happening you can always contact our highly trained DBS team, who will be more than happy to discuss your application further.

Who Can?

In order to apply for a disclosure and barring service check, you must be an employer or licensing body. A prospective employee cannot DBS check themselves, although they can request a basic disclosure, but a lot of people waste money on this check when they really need to get a Standard or Enhanced check completed, so it may be best to check what job you will be doing first. This will enable you to determine what type of DBS is needed. If you're in any doubt if you can or cannot complete a check, it may be an idea to have a look at the DBS Tool on the Disclosure and barring service website.

We did it.

Our software has been designed in house as we were spending a lot of time waiting for paper forms to come to us, then waiting for the DBS service to receive them. We have changed, reviewed and polished the system into the package available to you today. We know it works well as we have been using it for the last 18 months and can see massive improvements in time it is taking from processing an application to having the certificate arrive. It really has been a success story and that's why we are proud to be releasing it for others to use.

No Contract

We don't have a minimum amount of applications or tie you into using us with complicated contracts. Our Clients remain our Clients year after year because we provide a quality fast service.

Sign up

Our system provides built in error checking, this minimises the number of rejected applications. Once you or one of your candidates complete an application it is automatically forwarded to one of our countersignatories for review and then sent to the Disclosure and Barring Service the same day, via our direct connection to the UK Government's Gateway.

DBS tracker

Our inbuilt DBS tracking system allows you to monitor each Criminal Records Bureau Check and to easily see the stage that each DBS application is at.

Reference Checking

It is an important part of the recruitment process and is important to get it right. We have created a page to share a few tricks of the trade with you Reference Checking Tips to try to help make sure you don't get caught out with fraudulent references.
DBS Umbrella body
We are a Disclosure and Barring Service Umbrella body, our system is fast and simple. Built with ease of use in mind the system directly connects to the UK Government's Gateway to provide a very fast turnaround. Our inbuilt checking and tracking system also lets you know exactly what stage an application is at.

DBS Check Testimonial ".......They are very helpful and efficient, I have been using them for over 13 years..........."
Lorraine Brooks
"After using paper applications for so long I was a bit sceptical about changing, but after looking at how easy and straight forward it is to sign up I would definitely recommend it"
Richard Turner

"Fantastic service for the DBS.

A speedy efficient service.

I will always use this company for my Applications"

Rachel Green
"Brilliant service..... it has definitely helped me get my staff into work faster than before"
Simon O'Donoghue


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