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  • How to use the DBS online checking service

DBS Guarantee
For all your DBS Disclosure needs, speak to one of our professional advisors today on 0113 344 0171.

Get your staff into work faster than ever with a DBS online check. With built in DBS Tracking and easy to request Adult First Checks. With easy to understand and quick to complete online DBS Application forms.

  • quick and easy forms for registering a company,
  • get your staff into work faster,
  • built in on-line tracker system so you know exactly which stage your application is at,
  • easy to request an adult first,
  • easy to pay with online credits,
  • flags mistakes as you go along (so no more going backwards and forwards with missing information),
  • no hidden costs.

3 easy steps to register for faster DBS checks

1. Fill out our online form.
     - you will receive a welcome email and some forms.

2. Complete the forms and assign someone who will be your Nominated Signatory.
     - Nominated Signatories are responsible to checking the documents of the applicants.

3. Simply post the completed form back to us.
     - Once your account is Authorised, we will send you email notification.

and that's it, you're good to go!

DBS Guarantee
Aaron's Department GUARANTEE, every application received will be processed and sent to the DBS the same day.

DBS online - how to use the DBS online system for DBS applications

DBS Check Testimonial ".......They are very helpful and efficient, I have been using them for over 13 years..........."
Lorraine Brooks
"After using paper applications for so long I was a bit sceptical about changing, but after looking at how easy and straight forward it is to sign up I would definitely recommend it"
Richard Turner

"Fantastic service for the DBS.

A speedy efficient service.

I will always use this company for my Applications"

Rachel Green
"Brilliant service..... it has definitely helped me get my staff into work faster than before"
Simon O'Donoghue


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