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Built for Recruitment Agencies

Because losing a placement while you are waiting for a Candidate's DBS Certificate SUCKS!

0 Days , 4 Hours , 2 Minutes
Our fastest DBS result returned so far in October
Last updated on 12/10/2019

Get your candidates into work faster

Our system was designed with the needs of Recruitment Agencies in mind

Q: Need to know the closest Evidence checker to your candidate?
A: No problem just enter the candidate's postcode and our system will find you the nearest one!

Q: Need your candidate to pay for their Criminal Record Check?
A: No problem!

Q: Need to split the cost of the DBS Check with a Candidate?
A: No problem, you decide the split 50:50, 25:75 or even 66:34!

Q: Need a DBS Certificate quick?
A: Our system is directly connected to the UK Government's Gateway.

Q: Need to let your Client know at what stage your candidates' DBS Checks are at?
A: With our system you can track applications easily!

Candidates can fill out their own form

- Online, from anywhere

Results recieved back in days

- Don't waste time with posting forms, our online DBS system connects directly to the UK government's gateway

Email updates for each application

Awesome support

- Although our system is simple and easy to use we know not everyone is a computer whiz, which is why we offer as much or as little support as you need (free of charge of course)

Send Applicants (by postcode) to your nearest Evidence checker

- If you have various workplaces you can assign to the nearest approved person to deal with it faster

Save time and pre-populate information for DBS renewals

- No more time consuming DBS application renewals

Easy payments options

- Your choice you pay, the candidate pays or split it any way you like

All applications are trackable

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