DBS Checks for Recruitment Agencies

Get your Candidates into Work Quicker!

We know how much of a pain it is to wait for a DBS check to be completed when you're a recruitment agency. The last thing you and your candidates want is to be left waiting around.

That's why at Aaron's Department, we have built our online DBS system with you in mind.

Candidates Can Fill in Their Form Anywhere!

Because our system can be accessed from anywhere, your candidates can fill in their sections at home, the office, or wherever is most convenient.

DBS Results Returned in Days

Don't be left waiting around for weeks. Our online system is directly connected to the UK Government Gateway, meaning your application can be completed quickly.

In 2019, we had numerous DBS Certificates issued within a matter of hours!

Email Updates for Each Application

As your DBS application moves through the process, you'll be the first to know about it via email updates regarding status changes.

Send Applicants to your Nearest Evidence checker

Have multiple workplaces? No problem. Assign your applicant to the nearest approved Evidence checker to get the process done quicker!

Simple Payment

Whether yourselves or your applicant are paying, it's easy to sort out payment. You can even split the cost between you in whichever ratio suits you best!

Our System Was Designed With Recruitment Agencies in Mind

Q: Need to know the closest Evidence checker to your candidate?
A: No problem just enter the candidate's postcode and our system will find you the nearest one!

Q: Need your candidate to pay for their Criminal Record Check?
A: No problem!

Q: Need to split the cost of the DBS Check with a Candidate?
A: No problem, you decide the split 50:50, 25:75 or even 66:34!

Q: Need a DBS Certificate quick?
A: Our system is directly connected to the UK Government's Gateway.

Q: Need to let your Client know at what stage your candidates' DBS Checks are at?
A: With our system you can track applications easily!

Pre-populate Information for DBS Renewals

Make the process even quicker! No more time-consuming DBS application renewals.