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To apply for DBS checks for your school’s staff and save time and money, your best option is Aaron’s Department's online service. Register for free, set your candidates up and let them complete their own applications or assist them by becoming a representative on their behalf.

Schools have a duty to educate and take care of our youngest. To ensure that their hiring decisions are suitable and the risk in that process is reduced, OFSTED (The Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills) clearly states that schools must do DBS checks for their staff.

HR Managers need to make informed hiring decisions for students’ safety and protection by obtaining suitable DBS checks.

DBS (CRB) Checks for Schools & Teachers

The DBS checks are required for employees working with children who take part in a regulated activity. The term ‘working’ includes paid employees and also volunteers.

The difference between paid employees and volunteers when it comes to disclosures is the price. The checks for the volunteers are free from DBS fees and only the administrative fees of the Umbrella Body need to be paid.

The most appropriate DBS check for teachers and other school staff who have regular contact with children would be the Enhanced DBS check with Children’s Barred List.

Depending on the school, job roles and activities performed, some of the school staff that don’t have regular contact with children might need an Enhanced check without Barred Lists information or a Standard disclosure.

For school staff which aren’t eligible for a higher level of disclosure, you can always request a Basic DBS check in their name if you have the applicants’ written permission.

Before March 2002, the school staff needed to be checked against the List 99. After that, the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) – now known as DBS, checks were recommended for them. The Enhanced CRB disclosures became mandatory for schools from 12 May 2006 (September 2003 for independent schools). In 2007 it became mandatory for the FE (Further education) colleges’ educating staff to have Enhanced CRB disclosures performed.

If the school staff didn’t have a break in service longer than three months, then no additional checks were required. Also, no checks are required for staff employed before March 2002 if they didn’t have a break in service longer than three months.

What is a Regulated Activity When You Work with Children?

Regulated activity when working with children includes:

  • Responsibility for teaching, training and instructing
  • Providing advice and guidance on well-being
  • Driving a vehicle only for children
  • Unsupervised contact with children
  • Personal care (helping children due to illness or disability)

Do You Have to Have a DBS Check to Volunteer in Schools?

Just like a normal working position would, volunteers in schools are eligible for a DBS check with a barred list check if they are taking part in a regulated activity and are working unsupervised.

Who Needs a DBS Check?

The Standard and Enhanced DBS checks are required by law when employing people for job positions which involve doing regulated activities. For Standard DBS and Enhanced DBS checks, guidelines for what is considered as a regulated activity can be found under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975.

The Basic DBS check can be requested by anyone for any job position. Organisations can apply for a Basic DBS check through Aaron's Department's system. Individuals should request a Basic DBS check via the UK Government's website.

Depending on the job position, a different type of check may be required for the applicant to be covered to work in their position. For the employees in the education sector, that depends on whether the job role involves regular contact with children and/or is in a position to build a relationship with them.

DBS Checks for Further Education College

For FE (Further education) colleges, staff working with students older than 18 years old do not need a Standard or Enhanced DBS checks because these job positions don’t fall within the ‘regulated activity’ definition.

DBS Checks for Self-Employed Teachers

If you are a self-employed teacher, you can’t apply for a Standard or Enhanced DBS check yourself. Individuals such as self-employed teachers can only apply for DBS checks through agencies or associations that are allowed to ask an exempted question.

Self-employed teachers that don’t work with children can apply for a Basic DBS check themselves through the UK Government.

Basic DBS Check

A Basic DBS check can be requested by anyone for any position without any restrictions. However, when doing DBS checks for schools, Basic disclosures will not be appropriate in most cases, and an Enhanced DBS check with Barred Lists information should be carried out depending on the job position or more precisely, whether it involves working with children or not.

Standard DBS Check

The Standard DBS check contains a filtered list of spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings. It is more detailed than the Basic, but it still might not be suitable for employers in the education sector, depending on whether the position directly involves working with children or not.

Enhanced DBS Check

The Enhanced DBS check includes all of the information included in the Standard DBS check, plus the addition of local police information. If the position requires it, a check on the Children's and/or Adult's barred lists will also be carried out.

Enhanced DBS Check with Barred Lists Information

The Enhanced DBS check with Barred Lists information includes all of the information of the checks listed above, plus an additional check on the Children's and/or Adult's Barred Lists.

Some job role examples requiring Barred Lists information include:

  • Teachers
  • Home tutors
  • Healthcare workers
  • Dental nurses
  • Optometrists
  • Doctors / Nurses

Most of the job positions in the education sector include caring for children, supervising them and being in charge of them directly. For these kinds of job roles, the Enhanced DBS check is the most suitable. If the job position includes school staff who are not directly working with children, then you can opt for Standard or a Basic DBS check, depending on the activities performed.

What Is a Barred List Check?

The Barred Lists (both Adults’ or Children’s) contain information on whether an individual is barred or not from working with vulnerable adults or children.

Individuals can be checked against one or both of the lists, depending on the job position offered. This job position must be included in the ROA 1974 (Exception) Order 1975 and in the Police Act 1997 (Criminal Records).

Adults’ Barred List

The Adults’ Barred List contains all individuals that are barred from working with Vulnerable Adults. It is a replacement for the previous POVA (Protection of Vulnerable Adults) list.

Adult First Check

An Adult First check can be applied for when employing candidates who are to work with vulnerable adults. With this quick check, the candidate can start working under supervision, considering there wasn’t a match on the Adults’ Barred List. There isn't such quick check for positions which involve working with children.

Children’s Barred List

The Children’s Barred List contains all the individuals barred from working with children.

If the job position is defined as a regulated activity with children under the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006, then the applicant can be checked against the Children’s Barred List.

The Children’s Barred List is a replacement for List 99, POCA (Protection of Children Act) and disqualification orders. It is a quick way to find out if the applicant is barred from working with children.

It is recommended to apply for a Children’s Barred List check for applicants who would be teaching, training or supervising children and job positions such as teachers, tutors and teaching assistants.

DBS Checks Eligibility

There is no official list of job positions eligible for each type of DBS check, but we offer you a detailed guide and instructions to help you with this query.

If this doesn’t help you, feel free to contact our customer support, they will be happy to assist you with any problem you might have related to the DBS checks. Also, you can call us on 0113 344 0192.

How Do I Apply for an Enhanced DBS Check

Individuals can’t apply for the Enhanced DBS check. Employers must apply on their behalf using the services of a registered DBS Umbrella Body, such as Aaron’s Department.

Aaron’s Department is a registered DBS Umbrella Company running since 2002. Our online system makes the process of applying for a DBS check easier and stress-free with its built-in error checking system. Our services are fast, low-cost and reliable.

Apply for an Enhanced DBS Check with Aaron’s Department

You can use Aaron’s Department’s online service to apply for an Enhanced disclosure Certificate. Aaron’s Department is authorised to process Enhanced DBS checks on behalf of other companies, organisations, and charities.

Automatic Error Checking System

The applications will be rejected by the DBS if they are filled incorrectly or if there is essential information missing. With some systems, this happens often and causes delays in the processing time. Aaron’s Department has an inbuilt error checking system that finds and fixes these problems before they cause a delay.

Built-in Tracking System

Aaron’s Department system incorporates a DBS tracking service that allows you to track your DBS applications and see at which stage they are at. It also e-mails updates of each step of the DBS checking process.

You just need the DBS Application Form Reference Number and date of birth of the applicant to track the application.

How Long Does a DBS Check Take for Schools?

The time for processing the DBS check depends on the type of check required and the details being checked. The most suitable DBS check for employees in the education sector is the Enhanced DBS check with Barred Lists information which is the most detailed type of DBS check.

Aaron’s Department’s DBS checks processing system is connected directly to the UK Government's Gateway and the Certificates are issued quickly. Our fastest DBS check result returned so far in 2018 is 1 hour 34 minutes.

How Long Do DBS Certificates Remain Valid?

The DBS check Certificates have no official expiry date, but they become obsolete from the moment they have been printed. The check itself checks information from the criminal records which happened before the moment of applying.

No issues occurred after the print date will be on the DBS Certificate until a new check is performed.

Some employers recommend to apply for a new DBS check every three years, but it is up to the employer to decide when should the DBS Certificate should be renewed.

Regarding the DBS checks for schools, OFSTED states that the routine three-year checks are not required. They would consider those routine re-checks as excessive and a poor use of the school’s resources as they go beyond what the Government and laws recommend.

Moving From One School to Another – Is a New DBS Check Required?

Since September 2006, the supply agencies are able to pass the results of a DBS check (but not the Certificate itself) between other school supply agencies and schools. If the employee has been previously checked with the DBS, there is no need, nor a requirement to request a new DBS check before starting to work in another school.

However, the school that offers the job position has to ask for evidence that there has been a check performed from the previous school or supply agency. It is the school’s responsibility to assess and decide whether the check is at the correct level for the offered position.

How Much Is It for a DBS Check?

The price for the DBS checks depends on the type of the check (Basic, Standard or Enhanced).

Aaron’s Department offers additional discounts depending on the number of checks you need. We reward you with Admin fee credit which is put into your account for paying in advance.

Check the prices for online and paper DBS checks.

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