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  • What Are DBS Umbrella Companies and What Is Their Role in the DBS Checking Process?

Aaron's Department is a registered DBS Umbrella Company which has been running since 2002. We have developed a fast online system with built-in error checking which takes the strain out of applying for any DBS check. Starting at £3.97, our DBS services are low-cost and reliable. If you have any queries concerning DBS checks, you can always call our outstanding customer support specialists and they will be happy to help.

What Is a DBS Umbrella Company?

A DBS Umbrella Company is a registered body which process and submits applications to the DBS on behalf of employers, charities, and groups.

To become an Umbrella Company and process online DBS checks a company should:

  1. Register with the DBS and pay the registration fee.

  2. Meet a required number DBS checks per annum.

  3. Be capable of carrying out the administration process of the checks.

  4. Understand all the information contained in a DBS check.

  5. Comply with the Data Protection and Protection of Freedoms Acts.

  6. Understand and comply with the DBS Code of Practice.

  7. Build an online system capable of interfacing with the UK Government's gateway.

  8. Obtain approval for connecting to the UK Government's gateway.

DBS Umbrella Companies have an important role in the DBS checking procedure. They act as an intermediary between the Disclosure and Barring Service and the organisation in need of DBS checks. Not all Umbrella Companies possess fast service though. The fastest way to get results with the DBS is to create an online system which is directly connected to the UK Government's gateway. Aaron's Department possesses such a system which enables fast and prompt issuing of DBS Certificates.

Why Are DBS Umbrella Companies Important?

The Umbrella Body network allows smaller organisations to apply for a DBS check without the need to register with the DBS itself. They help organisations make safer recruitment decisions and also make the whole DBS checking process much faster by providing online services to organisations.

Umbrella Companies Must Comply with the DBS Code of Practice!

All DBS Umbrella Companies are required to comply with the DBS's Code of Practice. Umbrella Companies are also obligated to ensure the organisation they are conducting the DBS checks on behalf of, understands and complies with the code.

To find out more information, view the full issue of the DBS's Code of Practice.

The Obligations of an Umbrella Company

Since Umbrella Companies work directly with the UK Government, they have the following obligations:

To Be the Main Point of Contact

The Umbrella Company has an obligation to act as the DBS's main point of contact for anything related to the applications the company or organisation is countersigning.

To Have Proper Storage and Security

The Umbrella Company must correctly store and secure the information which is revealed in a DBS check and has to make sure it is only seen by people who have a right to see it.

This extends to people working in the organisation for which the Umbrella Company is doing the checks and also the applicant themselves.

The company must have an easily accessible written security policy.

To Maintain Records

Umbrella Companies are obligated to maintain up-to-date records of the contact details for each organisation to who they provide their services.

To Make Sure Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policies Exist

The Umbrella Company must ensure that both themselves and the organisation they are providing their services to have a policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders in compliance with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. They also need to ensure the applicants are aware of the DBS Code of Practice.

Copies of both should be readily available on request.

To Perform ID Checks

Umbrella Companies must ensure the identity of the person in need of a DBS check is verified and validated by the applying organisation according to DBS guidance.

To validate the identity of the applicant, organisations are required to make sure all the applicant's documents are originals and valid before submitting the application.

To Countersign the Application Form

Umbrella Companies are responsible for the countersigning of the application forms on behalf of the customer organisations.

For Standard disclosures, Enhanced disclosures or Enhanced disclosures with a Barred Lists check:

The organisation must confirm that the job role of the applicant allows them to ask an exempted question and that the information provided is correct and that a false declaration has not been knowingly made.

For more information about eligibility for checks, we offer further guidance.

To Notify the DBS if There Is Anything Illegal in the Process

If the Umbrella Company suspects or has any reason to believe that the organisation they provide Umbrella services for is acting illegally or isn't sure the organisation is entitled to ask an exempted question, then the company must contact the DBS immediately.

Furthermore, if the company isn't satisfied with the standards the organisations have concerning the handling of the disclosure information, they should contact the DBS immediately.

An Umbrella Company should not act for organisations that appear unable to comply with the DBS Code of Practice.

How Do DBS Umbrella Companies Work?

DBS Umbrella Companies act as an intermediary between the DBS and the organisation in need of checks.

The Path of a Paper DBS Check from the Umbrella Company to the DBS

A paper application for a DBS check takes a long route before it is finished. The process is the following:

  1. The DBS provides the paper application forms to the Umbrella Company.

  2. The Umbrella Company then passes the form to the organisation.

  3. The organisation passes it to the applicant, who completes the form.

  4. After the applicant completes the form they pass it back to the organisation and provides the correct ID documents.

  5. The organisation checks the forms, validates the ID documents and returns the form to the Umbrella Company.

  6. The Umbrella Company then checks the forms, countersigns them and posts them to the DBS.

  7. DBS stage 1: the DBS checks and validates the forms, and either:

    • Approves them and begin checking the Police record information from stages 2 to 5 (depending on the disclosure level).
    • Returns them if incorrectly completed, starting the whole process again.

After each applicable checking stage is completed, the DBS Certificate is issued to the applicant. The applicant then decides whether to share their Certificate with the organisation they are applying to or not.

*Note to consider: Every delivery of the forms between each step is done by the Post Office.

The Path of the Online DBS Through Aaron's Department's Online System

The process is the following:

  1. The organisation enters the applicant's email into Aaron's Department's system.

  2. The applicant receives login details and completes the online form, correcting any identified errors.

  3. The applicant produces the correct ID documents to the company who then submits the application.

  4. Aaron's Department's system then carefully validates everything, then one of our experienced staff countersigns it, and it is then transferred directly into the DBS system via the Government's gateway.

  5. DBS stage 1: the DBS checks and revalidates the form, and in over 99.99% of the cases, approves it and begins checking the PNC (stage 2)

Aaron's Department's Bespoke System Is Designed to Take the Strain out of Applying for any Online DBS Check!

Our DBS system will help you by:

  • Making sure the correct information has been entered in the application.
  • Helping you confirm the correct required identity documents.
  • Supporting you when our error-checking system points out errors that need correcting.
  • Notifying you when the application has been sent to the DBS.
  • Giving guidance on tracking the progress of an application.
  • Alerting you when the application has been completed and posted out to the applicant.

Aaron's Department, a Reliable DBS Umbrella Company that Has a Fast and Error-Proof System!

0 Days , 5 Hours , 47 Minutes
Our fastest DBS result returned so far in March
Last updated on 29/03/2020
0 Days , 2 Hours , 48 Minutes
Our fastest DBS result returned in February
Last updated on 29/03/2020
0 Days , 2 Hours , 48 Minutes
Our fastest DBS result returned in 2020
Last updated on 29/03/2020

Aaron's Department is a part of Personnel Limited.

We designed our own in-house DBS checking system because one of the businesses we operate is the recruitment agency Medilink Nursing which specialises in supplying Nursing Staff to care homes and hospitals. We needed fast and reliable DBS checks which are error-proof.

A Registered Umbrella Company since 2002

Initially only processing our own staff's CRB checks, we then expanded to process checks for both small and large organisations in the UK and Wales.

Our DBS system is made with speed and reliability in mind.

Being an Umbrella Company since 2002, we are seasoned professionals in what we do and are backed by our system which is refined to meet the ever-growing demands.

What Do We Offer?

From as little as £3.97 admin fees, we offer:

  • Basic, Standard, and Enhanced DBS checks for organisations.
  • No hassle DBS Adult First requests when opting for an Enhanced Disclosure.
  • A system which corrects mistakes as you go along, making sure your application is not returned by the DBS.
  • Simple pricing, no subscription fees or hidden costs.
  • Professional customer support staff that will be happy to help any other DBS related query.

Inbuilt Tracking System

Our system tracks your DBS applications before they get sent to the DBS and once they have been sent.

We Have a Great Tracking System, but You Probably Will Not Need It

Being a DBS Umbrella Company, we are directly connected with the DBS, ensuring the prompt return of the DBS Certificates.

Most of the DBS checks we submit are processed the same day, and the Certificate is printed promptly.

Still not sure?

Our fastest result with the DBS in 2018 is 0 Days, 1 Hour, 34 Minutes!

DBS Check Testimonial ".......They are very helpful and efficient, I have been using them for over 13 years..........."
Lorraine Brooks
"After using paper applications for so long I was a bit sceptical about changing, but after looking at how easy and straight forward it is to sign up I would definitely recommend it"
Richard Turner

"Fantastic service for the DBS.

A speedy efficient service.

I will always use this company for my Applications"

Rachel Green
"Brilliant service..... it has definitely helped me get my staff into work faster than before"
Simon O'Donoghue


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