DBS Price Update 2022

2022 DBS Price Update: From the 6th April 2022, the prices of our DBS Checks have changed.

This decision has come after significant updates to improve the application system, making it easier to apply for, and track DBS Checks.

We have also revised how we operate and, after many boring hours of looking at data, have seen how the amount of time allocated to each type of DBS application varies. We, therefore, feel it is time to alter the pricing of our DBS checks accordingly.

When doing so, we have also taken into consideration the new Government pricing structure. This has resulted in us lowering the Government fees across the board to pass the benefit onto our users.

dbs price

Government DBS Fees From 6th April 2022

Basic DBS Check: £18 (was £23)
Standard DBS Check: £18 (was £23)
Enhanced DBS Check: £38 (was £40)

Our DBS Price Update from 6th April 2022

With our low-cost admin fees for DBS checks, you’re able to get fantastic value at Aaron’s Department, at no cost to the dedicated service you receive!

Below is the breakdown of how much a DBS check will cost you, assuming you don’t take advantage of our reduced admin fees:

Basic DBS Check: £18 + £5.45 Admin Fee

Standard DBS Check: £18 + £8.75 Admin Fee

Enhanced DBS Check: £38 + £10.95 Admin Fee

Adult First Check (only available with an Enhanced DBS Check): £6 + £5.45 Admin Fee

Standard DBS Check for a Volunteer: FREE + £8.75 Admin Fee

Enhanced DBS Check for a Volunteer: FREE + £10.95 Admin Fee

Reduce Admin Fees When Buying In Bulk!

As always, Admin fees can still be reduced as before when you buy in bulk. By buying in bulk, you reduce the boring admin work we have to do, so as a thank you, we pass on savings to you!

You can get a full breakdown of just how cheap you can make your DBS checks on our pricing page.

If you are a current customer and have existing Admin Fee Credit or funds in your account, we will honour this, and automatically adjust them. This means that any free admin credit in your account will increase, so you do not lose out when applying for new DBS checks after April 6th.

Should you have any questions, or need any guidance, please send us an email to contact@aaronsdepartment, where our team will be more than happy to help!

Affordable and Reliable DBS Checks With Aaron’s Department

Over the years we have and will continue, to focus heavily on developing our online system to provide simple-to-understand (and use!) service.

Because of this, and the experience our team has, there is no need to charge over-the-top fees! We believe that no one should be forced into a long-term commitment, so there are no sign-up fees, contracts, or hidden costs.

We also don’t charge extra for your DBS check to be countersigned and sent off to the DBS service the same day that you send it to us (like some do) – this is something that should be standard practice.

Simply pay for what you want, and not a penny more!If you would like to read more about the service we offer at Aaron’s Department, you can do so by reading our DBS Online Application page.

Our team is available Monday to Friday, 8 am until 5 pm, on 0113 877 0171 to help answer any queries you may have. Alternatively, you can always email contact@aaronsdepartment.com!

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