Why You Should Apply For The DBS Update Service Check

Are you looking to sign your employees up to the DBS Update Service? There are many advantages to this, so let’s discuss the pros of the DBS Update Service, as well as our new Automatic Update Service Check service that makes using the update service even easier.

What is The DBS Update Service?

The DBS update service check is a subscription service that allows individuals to keep their DBS certificate up-to-date and allows employers to check an individual’s DBS certificate online. Once you’ve subscribed to the service, you can use it to keep your (or your employees’) DBS certificate up-to-date by paying an annual subscription fee.

Why Should You Consider The DBS Update Service? Employers

The Update Service has a lot to offer employers, most notably:

  • Savings: If you have staff who require regular checks, the Update Service is an absolute must. Umbrella Bodies like us all charge different admin fees, on top of a pre-existing government fee (which goes to the DBS). We’ll give you an example of how much you could save using our default prices for an Enhanced DBS check:

    An Enhanced DBS check costs £38 in government fees, and £10.95 in admin fees. If you need yearly Enhanced checks for your staff, that’s £146.85 after 3 years, per member of staff.

    Using the Update service, you’d need to pay £38 (gov) and £10.95 (admin) for the initial check and a £13 annual subscription (gov). If there are no changes to the employee’s criminal record after 3 years, then keeping that employee up-to-date has only cost you £87.95 – that’s an enormous saving.
  • Convenience: This is another important advantage – as an employer using the Update Service, you can check your employee’s eligibility to legally perform their role online, without having to wait to see a paper certificate. This can help get new hires into work faster if they’re already registered with the Update Service. It also removes the admin required to get a fresh check every year, saving you time and, therefore, money!

Why Should You Consider The DBS Update Service? Employees

There are several reasons why you should consider signing up for the DBS Update Service check as an individual employee. These include:

  • Convenience: With the DBS Update Service check, you can apply for a DBS check only once and use it for multiple employers. This means that you don’t have to go through the DBS check process each time you apply for a new job that requires one.
  • Speed: Employers can access your DBS certificate online, which means that the checking process is faster than waiting for a paper certificate to arrive in the mail.
  • Cost: The DBS Update Service check is a cost-effective option, especially if you intend to work with vulnerable groups for an extended period of time.
  • Accuracy: The DBS Update Service check ensures that your DBS certificate is up-to-date and accurate, which can help to prevent delays in the recruitment process.

How to Sign up For The DBS Update Service

To sign up for the DBS Update Service check, you must first undergo a DBS check. Once you’ve received your DBS certificate, you can sign up for the service online or by phone. You’ll need to provide your DBS certificate number, your name, date of birth, and some additional personal information.

It’s important to note that you must sign up for the DBS Update Service within 28 days of the issue date of your DBS certificate. If you miss this deadline, you’ll have to apply for a new DBS check.

How to Renew Your Subscription to the DBS Update Service Check

To renew your subscription to the DBS Update Service check, you’ll need to pay an annual subscription fee. You can renew your subscription online or by phone.

If there are any changes to your DBS certificate during the year, such as a new conviction or caution, you’ll need to apply for a new DBS check and update your subscription to the DBS Update Service check.

However, for all the pros of the DBS Update Service, there is one significant con for employers: You have to check it manually. The Service won’t send you any notifications or warnings if it detects a change, you’ve got to log into each of your employees’ accounts, individually, and manually check whether the Service says there have been any changes. This is a time-consuming, dull job.

That’s why Aaron’s Department has developed an Automated DBS Update Service Checker. It checks all your employees’ Update Service accounts, daily. No more manual checking drudgery! We’ll go into more detail further down the page, or you can look at our dedicated page for this service by clicking here.

DBS update service check


If you work with vulnerable groups, then a DBS check is likely to be a mandatory requirement. Signing up for the DBS Update Service check can keep your, or your employees’ DBS certificates up-to-date, saving you time and money.

It’s a convenient, cost-effective, and accurate way to manage your DBS certificates, and it can help to accelerate the recruitment process for employers.

For employers, it’s far more economical than paying for new checks for all your staff regularly. But, it’s still a hassle to manually check each individual employee’s status. That’s where we come in…

No More Manual Checks – We Make It Automatic!

At Aaron’s Department, we’re able to do all the boring work for you!

Our system will automatically check your applicants daily, and update you if there are any changes to their certificate. If there are, you’ll be notified immediately so a new DBS check can be done. This cuts your manual checking time to zero – a massive timesaver, especially in businesses with many employees.

If the applicant is already registered to the DBS Update Service, you can transfer their information across. However, if they’re not, you can register them to it with Aaron’s Department too!

If you have any more questions about our service, give us a call on 044 113 877 0171, or email contact@aaronsdepartment.com. We’re always happy to help.

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