Find out what your customers think about the demos your staff give, to help improve the customer experience you provide.  Whether it be in person, or over a video/ screen sharing platform, you can request feedback.


Request Customer Feedback on Demos given By Staff

Displaying and demonstrating your product to current or potential customers is an essential part of doing business. It can be a make or break for people in the buying process. 

A fantastic demo, they're yours. A poor one and they're out the door. Our Demo Feedback software helps you to make sure your demos are at their peak, so the users are satisfied and fully understand the service you are going to offer them.

How Does It Work?

Collecting customer feedback from demos is simple:


1. Create Questions

Sign in, and create the questions you want to ask.

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2. Paste The Link

Use the link provided to allow your customers to give feedback after the demo.


3. Collect Demo Feedback

Anyone who has a demo will be able to leave you valuable feedback.


4. Make Adjustments


Use collected feedback to improve your future demos!

Start Collecting Demo Feedback Today!

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