Find out what your email recipients think about the content you send them through customer feedback requests. Finding out how to improve your customer experience has never been easier!


email feedback

Emails have quickly become the main way for businesses communicate with customers it terms of customer service, marketing, as well as getting in contact with potential customers.

As such a valuable means of communication, it's important you're able to make every email the best it can possibly be, which can only be done by collecting customer feedback. With our Email Feedback feature, you can feedback requests alongside any email.

How It Works

Create and send email feedback forms in 4 easy steps:


1. Create Your Questions

Sign in and create the questions you want the email recipients to answer.


2. Paste the Code

Copy and paste the provided code into the emails you send, or your email signature.


3. Feedback Comes In

Your email recipients will now have the option to review the emails you are sending. You can sit back at this stage.


4. Adjust & Improve

You can then use this returned feedback to make improvements to the emails you create and sent to your clients.

As such a valuable and widely use communication type, it's important to make every single the best it can be. This can be done using our Email Feedback system. By collecting your customers feedback on the emails you send, it becomes easier to find the areas in need of improvement.

It's easy to improve when you know how. 

Start Collecting Your Email Feedback Today!

To get started, simply click below, or you can book a one-to-one demo with one of our customer feedback experts to ask any questions you may have and it in action.