When working for a University, either as a lecturer, IT Technician, or even just a cleaner, you’ll be around students of all ages – but what does that mean for the type of DBS check you may need?

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about DBS checks for Universities.

dbs checks for universities

What Types of DBS Checks Are There?

First of all, let’s take a quick look over the types of DBS checks available for employers to apply for on their employees' behalf.

Basic DBS Check

Anyone can apply for this check, whether it be an individual or employer, no matter what industry or sector they work in. This level of DBS check will show the individuals’ unspent convictions.

Standard DBS Check

Unlike a Basic DBS check, this can only be requested by an employer to aid a recruitment decision. This check will reveal both spent and unspent convictions received by the individual, including the likes of cautions, warnings, and reprimands.

Enhanced DBS Check

As with a Standard DBS check, this can only be requested by the employer. It also contains the same information as a Standard DBS, but with the addition of any relevant information held by the local police. Depending on the job role and activies involved, there may also need to be a check against the Vulnerable Adults and/or Children Barred Lists.

Do University Staff Require DBS Checks?

In normal circumstances, university staff, such as lecturers and those mentioned earlier, do not meet the requirements for a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check. Now, you may be asking why University lecturers don’t need them, yet other people working in education such as Primary and Secondary school staff do.

It's simple really. Those attending University are over 18 in the UK, which means they are not classed as a child. However, this does not mean that a University cannot carry out a Basic DBS check to see any unspent convictions the possible staff members may have. Doing this can help give everyone peace of mind that they can trust those they hire to work with, and help others, without any unspent convictions affecting them.

Whilst this covers “general” Universities, should any lecturer teach vulnerable adults and partake in regulated activities with them, then an Enhanced DBS check with Vulnerable Adults Barred List would be required. To see which activities count as regulated, please click here to read official documentation from the Department of Health.

Need a DBS Check?

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