If you’re currently working, wanting to work, or are hiring individuals to work as a Solicitor, it is important you follow the correct DBS (formerly known as CRB) procedures. Not only is it important to have security for the firm’s sake, for example, handling sensitive documents, it is critical to give the customer peace-of-mind.

What Type of Check Does a Solicitor Need?

As according to The Law Society, Solicitors should be subject to a Standard DBS check.

However, this is not to say that a Standard DBS check is the only one required.

As with any job, if a role includes working with vulnerable adults (or children), an Enhanced DBS check may be required. Therefore, Registered Foreign Lawyers, Legal Executives, and Solicitors could qualify for an Enhanced Check. If they are not working with vulnerable adults and children regularly, then a Standard DBS check would be recommended.

What is a Standard DBS Check?

A Standard DBS check contains a list of both spent and unspent convictions, final warnings, as well as reprimands contained on the Police National Computer (NPC). Unlike a Basic DBS check, only an organisation can apply for a Standard DBS check on an individual.

What Are Spent Convictions?

Spent convictions are final warnings and/or reprimands that have passed a specific amount of time. Once they have passed this time. The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) 1974 suggests that the individual should be treated as though the conviction never happened.

What are Unspent Convictions?

An unspent conviction are final warnings, convictions, as well as reprimands on the Police National Computer (NPC) that have not passed a specific amount of time to be considered as if they never happened. It is important to remember that some convictions (e.g. terrorism and sexual offences) will always remain unspent.

If you’d like to find out more about Standard DBS checks, you can read more about them here.

Can You Be a Solicitor With a Criminal Record?

Whilst it is not illegal to become a Solicitor if you have a criminal record, it is likely to be reviewed case-by-case. Of course the more severe the case, the more unlikely it will be that a firm will hire the person in question.

Generally, the law profession is strict when monitoring and regulating Solicitors, and with there being so much competition for the jobs (including trainee roles), you’re more likely to be hired if your DBS check comes back clean, as opposed to someone who has a record.

How Can I Apply for a Standard DBS Check for my Employees?

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