Free DBS Checks

There are certain scenarios where people are able to get a free DBS check depending on their role or if they are a volunteer. To qualify to be able to get one, you need to meet the criteria, and this page will go over the people who do so employers can apply for the suitable check. 

Who is Able to Get a FREE DBS Check?

Charity Workers


Covid19 Workers

free dbs checks

FREE DBS Checks for Charities

The charity sector, just like any other business sector requires safeguarding measures. Charities that work with children and/or vulnerable adults are required by law to perform a DBS check online to determine the suitability of their staff and volunteers.

It’s often confusing for charities whether their staff require a DBS check and if they do, what level of disclosure is needed.

You can read all about DBS checks for Charities on our dedicated page.

FREE DBS Checks for Volunteers

Since many volunteering positions require certain safeguarding, it is very common for these roles to need a DBS check to allow the individual to work.

Whether it be working with vulnerable adults and or children, as a support worker, or in any other role, a voluntary position should be treated like any other, with a DBS check being carried out. 

Read about Free DBS checks for volunteers on our guidance page.

FREE DBS Checks for Covid19 Workers

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Home Office and the Disclosure and Barring Service introduced measures to provide Standard and Enhanced DBS checks free of charge.

Who qualifies for these free checks, and how do they get one? You can read all about that on our page for free DBS checks for Covid 19 workers

Need Help?

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