Discover what your customers think about the letters they receive from you and your business.


Collect Customer Feedback on Received Letters

Writing the perfect letter for your customers can be hard to get right, but it doesn't have to be guess work! 

With Aaron's Department's Letter Feedback tool you can discover exactly what your readers like, or don't like, about the letters you send out. Doing so allows you to continuously improve and make sure your future writing is clear and informative whilst meeting your customers expectation.


How Does It Work?

Collecting feedback for your letters is done in 4 simple steps:


1. Create Your Questions

Sign in and write the questions you want to ask.


2. Add Your Request to Letters

You can either leave a link or QR code on your letters to send customers straight to the feedback form.


3. Collect Feedback

Anyone who has had a letter from your business will be able to leave feedback, using a letter reference.


4. Improve the Quality of Letters

Use the returned feedback to help improve letters, as well as adding/removing content to match your customers preferences.

Start Collecting Feedback on Your Letters Today!

To start collecting feedback for your letters to customers, simply click on the button below, or you can book a one-to-one demo with our customer feedback experts.