Find out what those using your live chat feature think of the interactions they have with your staff. Are they good or bad? Take the guess work out and receive feedback to improve your customer service. 


live chat feedback

Live chats are a vital tool for people who want to ask you questions when on your website. 

For new customers, live chats can help you make a fantastic first impression, so long the communication is good enough. Current customers will expect a fantastic service through the live chat after spending their hard-earned money with you.P otential customers expect the same, and will often use the chat quality (i.e. customer service) to aid their purchase decision.

A staff member saying the wrong thing can cost you money and decrease your reputation.

Our Live Chat Feedback tool helps  make sure this doesn't happen as you collect customer feedback for any and every chat that occurs.

How Does It Work?

Collecting customer feedback from live chats is a simple, yet effective, process:

1. Create The Questions

Sign in and create the questions you want to ask for the live chats.

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2. Paste The Link

Just copy and paste the link into your live chat at the end of a chat interaction.


3. Collect Feedback

Anyone will be able to leave feedback at the end of their live chat with you.


4. Improve!

Use the feedback to help improve your customer service through your live chats.

Start Collecting Your Live Chat Feedback Today!

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