Lost DBS Certificate? Here’s What To Do Next

Nobody likes to lose things, but like most things in life, it is bound to happen to you at some time or another.

But unlike a phone charger or a pair of sunglasses, some things are harder to replace than others.

What should you do if you have a lost DBS certificate then? Well, you’re in the right place to find out!

If The Lost DBS Certificate Goes Missing Before You Receive It

If you don’t receive your DBS in the post, this is the only instance when you would be able to get a reprint. Here is how to get a replacement for a lost DBS certificate.

Let’s say you’re using our DBS system to get your check and certificate. First of all, you would simply use our online tracking system to tell you where your certificate is. If it is marked as complete and has been dispatched to you, then please allow a few days for it to arrive. We all know how long post seems to take when it’s something you really need!

This could take a couple of days, even a week, but if you are yet to receive it after 14 days, then it is most likely a lost dbs certificate. To request a certificate reprint, you can call the Disclosure and Barring Service directly on 0300 020 0190, or fill out a form which can be found on the Gov website.

lost dbs check

If you have used Aaron’s Department for your DBS check, then the company admin can request a reprint by logging into their account and selecting the option on their dashboard. A couple of clicks, and it’s done, without having to speak to anyone!

All reprints have to be sent to the same address as the original certificate, which is one of the reasons it’s so important to double and triple check the home address you fill out on the application form. On top of this, reprints can only be done up to 3 months after the original is printed.

If you have moved house since you started your DBS application, there is a workaround to get it sent to your new address.

Whilst the DBS will only send a replacement certificate to the address on your application, you can set up a postal redirection through Royal Mail. This means that whilst your certificate will be sent to your old address, it will get redirected to your old address.

If It Is Lost After 3 Months

So, it has been more than three months (93 days), since the date of issue of your certificate, and you’ve lost it – what happens now?

This may not be the news you were hoping for, but if it is the case, the only option to get a replacement CRB certificate is to start the whole DBS application process again.

Get Your DBS Check Through Aaron’s Department

If you are an employer, you can get a DBS check for your staff quickly and easily.

When you apply using our online, error-free system, you will have your application sent to the DBS service the very same day (if sent to us before 4 pm).

As well as this, if you’ve done a check through us before, and need to do it again, you can use our handy “pre-populate” feature, allowing you to quickly refill a candidates’ application, without having to type it all out! Just check all of the information is still the same, adjust any that isn’t, and you’re done!

Getting a replacement DBS Certificate through Aaron’s Department won’t break the bank either, with admin fees starting from as little as £2.83.

You can get started by registering your organisation using the button below, or you can book a discovery demo where we will go over whatever you would like to see.

If you have any questions, they may be answered on our help and advice page.

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