Find out what those using your Social Media channels think of the interactions they have with your staff. Receive feedback on your tweets, posts or messages to improve the service you provide.


Social Media Feedback

In this day and age, social media is fantastic method to communicate with your customers. It gives the ability for increased business exposure, as well as the chance to respond to customers.

But with so many eyes on everything you post on them, they must match the expectations your customers have come to expect. With the Social Media Feedback tool, you can make sure that every post does just that. 

How Does It Work?

Social Media Feedback can be done in four easy steps:


1. Create Questions

Sign in and add the questions you want to ask.

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2. Copy and Paste

Copy and paste the provided link into your posts or bios. 


3. Collect Feedback

Your customers will then be able to give feedback on the interaction they had with you.


4. Adjust Posts

You can then use the collected feedback to improve any future posts or interactions you have.

Start Collecting Feedback Today!

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