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  Who's responsibility is it to regulate the drivers hours?

The responsibility falls on both the drivers and the employers to make sure the drivers do not exceed the regulations.

  What are the applicable rules?

EC rules apply to the majority of goods vehicles with a permissible weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes including attached trailers.
Vehicles within the UK that are exempt from the EU rules will still be constrained by domestic UK regulations.

  What is the penalty for breaching these rules?

For breaching driver hours, the maximum penalty is £2500. For failing to install/use a tachograph the maximum penalty is £5000 and for deliberate forgery of tachograph charts there is a penalty of £5000 or 2 years imprisonment.

  What constitutes a working day?

A working day is defined as any 24 hour period where work is done or a service is provided in return for a wage/salary.

  When are tachographs required to be in use?

Whenever a qualifying goods vehicle is driven under the EU or domestic rules.

  Who issues record charts?

The employer will provide their drivers with charts for every journey made under the context of work.

  How should Tachographs be used?

The driver must enter their full name, date, location at the start and end of shift, the vehicle registration number, the odometer reading at start and end of shift and if they change vehicle at any time, they must record the time of this change.

  What happens if the tachograph is damaged or broken?

If the vehicle is away from its base when the fault is discovered and will not return within a week, the repair must be carried out en route and a manual record must be kept. If the vehicle can return to base, the problem needs to be fixed by an approved mechanic.

  When do these rules not apply?

There are exemptions from the EU rules however vehicles exempt from the EU rules will still be constrained by UK domestic rules. These exemption include:
  • If the vehicle does not have a permissible weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes including trailers.
  • If the vehicle has a limited top speed of 30km/h
  • If the vehicle is being used by the armed forces or for domestic defence and emergency services.
  • If the vehicle is being used for the purpose of sewerage removal, flood prevention, utility services, highway maintenance, refuse collection or disposal and for telegraph or telephone services.
  • If the vehicle is used for medical or breakdown services.
  • If the vehicle is used to transport circus/fair equipment, vehicles used for personal non commercial use.
  • If the vehicle is used for transporting farm goods either too or from the farm.

  Are there any additional exemptions that apply to the UK?

These are additional exemptions that apply to drivers in the UK
  • Vehicles used for agricultural work within a 50km radius of the vehicle base.
  • Vehicles transporting animal waste.
  • Vehicles being used as mobile shops.
  • Vehicles used to transport materials or equipment within 50km of the vehicle base, for the drivers primary work activity providing the permissible load is below 7.5 tonnes.
  • Tractors exclusively used for agricultural work.

  Who needs to apply for the digital tachograph card?

You will need to apply for a card if you are going to use a vehicle subject to the EU driver regulations. You will also need a digital card reader unit.

  How to get a company smart card?

You can apply for a D779B application form from the DVLA.

  What is the maximum number of cards a company can have?

2232 cards.

  How long do company cards stay valid for?

5 years

  Is it necessary to have a company card if I am an owner driver?

Yes, a company card will protect your data and allow you to download it.

  Do I need a drivers licence to have a company card?

No, Anyone can hold a company card as it does not give you licence to drive the vehicle.

  Who can be issued with a company card?

Anyone the company owner deems necessary to have one.

  What do I do when my company card expires/ how do I re-apply for a company card?

You will need to re-apply for a company card by completing another D779B form and sending it off to the DVLA no later than 15 working days before the current card expires.

  What do I do if my company card is lost or stolen?

Unfortunately in both circumstances the only action to take is to re-apply for a company card through the DVLA application form.

  What information does the company card hold?

On the card itself there will be:
  • The card number.
  • Valid from/expiry dates.
  • Company name and address.

Stored on the card will be the following information:
  • Activities carried out such as locking in and out
  • Downloaded period
  • Vehicle registration number and the registering authority
  • Card number and issuing body (if the card has been downloaded)

  How do I access the information on the card?

Download the data and open it in the Tachograph Analysis software.

  How much information can be stored on the driver cards?

Up to 28 days worth of data can be stored, however this may be reduced depending on the schedule of the individual drivers. For example: multi drop drivers will fill the card quicker and therefore hold less days worth of data.

  Do I need to keep driver records?

Yes, As the card data is overwritten roughly every 28 days, you are required to keep a hard copy. If you are using a digital tachograph, the data on the vehicle unit must also be retained.

  Are periodic checks still required?

Yes, the obligation for operators to check the drivers are complying with regulations has not changed.

  How do I view the information on a driver card?

You can either view the information on the vehicle unit display or by downloading the data via the vehicle unit.

  What do I do if a chart has been lost, stolen or damaged?

You need to supply your employer with a note to explain the circumstances surrounding the chart. You may also be required to inform VOSA of the loss or damage of the chart.

  How do I analyse the driver hours?

The Tachograph Analysis software will help you analyse all your data.

  If I drive more than one vehicle during a day, do I need more than one tacho chart?

If the tachograph devices are the same in both vehicles then the same chart can be used. If a new chart is required, at the end of the shift the multiple charts need to be attached together to provide the full data for the day.

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