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  Road Transport (Working Time) Guidance

  Plain English Questions and Answers on Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations

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  Section 1 - Who is affected by the Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations?

1.1 Main points
1.2 Who is affected?
1.3 Occasional mobile workers
1.4 Self-employed drivers
1.5 Working via employment agencies and employment businesses

  Section 2 - What counts as working time?

2.1 Main points
2.2 What is 'working time'?
2.3 What is a period of availability (PoA)?
2.4 What is a week?
2.5 Working for two or more employers or another organisation
2.6 Exemption from the 60 hour rule for coach drivers

  Section 3 - Weekly working time limits (and how to calculate them)

3.1 Main points
3.2 Limits
3.3 What is the reference period and when does it start?
3.4 Calculating the average weekly working time
3.5 Calculating the average when leave is taken
3.6 Who decides what reference period should be used?
3.7 Which method should I use?
3.8 Other points to note

  Section 4 - Working at night

4.1 Main points
4.2 What is night time?
4.3 What is the working time limit for night work?
4.4 Working longer than 10 hours

  Section 5 - Rest and breaks

5.1 Main points
5.2 Daily rest
5.3 Weekly rest
5.4 Breaks

  Section 6 - Record keeping

6.2 Who keeps a record of working time?
6.3 Main requirements for employers
6.4 Main requirements for mobile workers
6.5 What records need to be kept?
6.6 Using the tachograph to record working time
6.7 Other points to note

  Section 7 - More about the application of the regulations

7.1 Relevant agreements
7.2 Emergencies
7.3 Enforcement
7.4 Penalties
7.5 Driving abroad

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