Evaluate the video calls being had with customers to see first-hand on what's being done well, and give feedback for future references.


video chat evaluation

Our Video Chat Evaluation system gives you the ability to watch previous employee-to-customer conversations, and give your opinion on them. This feedback can then be seen and used by the person who made the call to help them improve the customer service they deliver as well as develop important communication skills.

When combined with our Video Chat Feedback tool, any chats in need of attention are automatically highlighted based on scores given by customers.


Create Evaluation Forms

Create your own questions, or copy pre-made templates, to mark future live chat communications against.

For example, "Was the camera clear and focused?"


Assign Who Evaluates

Anyone can be asked to evaluate a video chat - managers, supervisors, colleagues, or even the individual did the video chat.

By involving everyone in the process, it encourages an open, unique learning and development experience.



Whenever a video call needs evaluation, simply click, the evaluation form will appear, and show you exactly which chat needs evaluating.

Users who have the correct permissions can then also assign it for others to look at.

Progress for individuals, teams, and departments is stored in the Report Hub, which displays easy to read, printer friendly analysis and graphs.

Perfect For Training

Any video call can be sent for training, making it easy for both new and old staff to see how these chats should and shouldn't be done.

You can then compare and discuss the scores given to help get everyone on the same page in regard to the standards expected by the business as a whole.

For example, any new employees who may have to do video calls as part of the customer service they provide can be asked to review and evaluate previously made calls. This provides the perfect opportunity to show them what to expect, as well as how to deal with customers, so they aren't going in blind.

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Start Evaluating Video Calls Today!

To get started, simply click below, or you can book a one-to-one demo with one of our evaluation experts to ask any questions you may have.

Did You Know...

When combined with our Feedback and Benchmark Tool, you can create the ultimate quality assurance software!

All our products integrate, meaning you can access them all in one panel, making it easier than ever before to get a 360-degree view of how your company communicates to customers and clients.