Discover what your visitors like and dislike about your web pages to help improve the customer experience you provide on your website.

website feedback

Your webpages are more often than not your customer's first impression of you and your business. The online version of a shop window. You only get one chance to make that first impression, so make sure it's a positive one!

With Website Feedback, you can get your visitors to tell you what they like, and what they think could be improved about any web page. Collecting feedback across your site makes it easier to improve your content on the go, whether it's the words, images or even the colours chosen.

How Does it Work?

Website Feedback works in 4 simple steps:


1. Select Questions

Sign in, and input the questions you want to ask in your feedback from.


2. Paste the Code

Simply Copy and Paste the provided code onto the webpages you want feedback for.


3. Collect Feedback

Your visitors will now be able to review the pages when they access them. You just have to wait for the feedback to roll in.


4. Make Improvements

You can then use this collected feedback to make any amendments to your website to improve it.

Start Collecting Website Feedback Today!

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