What is the DBS Advanced Check?

What Is The DBS Advanced Check?

We do sometimes get people who call us up, asking for a DBS Advanced Check, and we have to tell them, A DBS Advanced Check isn’t actually a real thing!

People often get the term “Advanced Check” mixed up with Enhanced check, which is a real level of DBS Check.

In case you’re too used to saying Advanced Check, we’ll mix in our terminology within this blog, as we discuss what a DBS Advanced Check is!

DBS Advanced Check

What Is An Advanced DBS Check?

A DBS Advanced Check is commonly known as an Enhanced DBS Check, which is the most detailed level of DBS check possible for an employer to get on an applicant. It can be requested only in specific instances and is necessary for duties, positions, and licences which are included in ROA 1974 (Exceptions Order 1975) and the Police Act 1997 regulations.

Enhanced DBS Check certificates contain both spent and unspent convictions, plus any information the local police force considers to be relevant for disclosure.

If needed, it can also include a check of the Vulnerable Adult’s and/or Children’s Barred list, to see if the applicant is legally allowed to have regulated activity with the relevant group.

A DBS Advanced check can only be requested by an organisation on their employees (or potential ones), and cannot be obtained by an individual.

How To Get An Advanced DBS Check

If you are an organisation looking to get an Advanced DBS Check (Enhanced DBS Check) for your employees, you’re in the right place!

DBS Advanced Checks can only be obtained through a Registered Umbrella Body (like Aaron’s Department). All you need to do is sign up your company, create your applications (or get your applicant to fill it out), Evidence Check it, and we’ll do the rest.

How Long Does An Advanced DBS Check Take?

We process all Enhanced (Advanced) DBS checks that we receive before 4pm the same day, meaning you can expect quicker result times with Aaron’s Department!

However, it is important to remember that some applications can take longer than others, mainly due to when they reach the Local Police Force stage. If you want to know why this is, you can read about it in our How Long Does A DBS Check Take blog.

DBS Advanced check

Can You Get an Advanced DBS Check Online?

Yes, yes, and yes! Completing your DBS checks online is by far the quickest way to do so as there’s no messing around with the post, and waiting for it to arrive.

On top of this, those that do their Advanced DBS Checks online with us at Aaron’s Department can get free admin credit, when making payments in advance!

How Much Do Advanced DBS Checks Cost?

Enhanced DBS Checks at Aaron’s Department Cost just £38, plus a small admin fee of £10.95 (+ VAT). The admin fee can be reduced by making bulk Admin Fee payments in advance. You save us time by doing this, so we pass the savings onto you!

You can read more about our Advance Check prices on the Pricing Page.

Why Get DBS Advanced Checks With Aaron’s Department?

At Aaron’s Department, we’ve been doing DBS Checks for a long, long time, which means we’ve learnt how to do it best! Using feedback from our User’s, the system has been built around those who use it, to ensure everything is as simple and easy as can be.

On top of this, a small selection of benefits include:

  • Built in tracking system of your DBS Advanced Checks
  • A direct connection to the UK Government gateway
  • Free-of-charge registration
  • Professional and knowledgeable customer support
  • An error-correcting system which corrects mistakes as you go.
  • Eligibility guidance, both on our website and through customer support.
Getting a DBS Advanced Check with Aaron's Department

Want Additional information On Advanced DBS Checks?

We’ve got a page dedicated to Enhanced DBS Checks (AKA Advanced DBS Checks), which you can read by clicking here!

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