Can I Get A DBS Check on My Partner?

Introduction – Can I Get a DBS Check on My Partner?

Since its establishment in 2012, the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) has been a crucial tool for employers in the UK to safeguard vulnerable individuals by conducting Basic, Standard, and Enhanced DBS checks. These checks have traditionally been associated with employment, but what if you find yourself wondering about the criminal history of a personal contact, particularly a partner, and want to know what you can do to find out about their history.

In this article, we answer the question, “Can I Get a DBS Check on My Partner?

Can i get a dbs check on my partner

Can I Get a DBS Check on My Partner?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a DBS Check on a partner or even a family member. Applying for a DBS check is typically reserved for work-related reasons only.

So, what alternatives exist for those seeking information on a partner for personal reasons?

Clare’s Law

Commonly known as Clare’s Law, the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme was introduced in 2014 in memory of Clare Wood, who tragically lost her life to domestic violence. This law allows partners, friends, and relatives to inquire about an individual’s past convictions for violent crimes. The process involves:

  • Contacting the police and explaining the situation.
  • Scheduling an appointment to discuss concerns further at the police station.
  • Providing identity documents for verification.
  • Waiting for the police to search their records, with a maximum processing time of 35 days.

However, Clare’s Law focuses specifically on information related to violent and domestic crimes, omitting details about other offences like theft or fraud.

Sarah’s Law

Dedicated to the memory of Sarah Payne, Sarah’s Law allows parents, carers, or guardians to request criminal record checks on individuals with access to a child under their care. Information released is limited to child sexual offences, and all disclosures are confidential, requiring applicants to keep the received information private.

Can i get a DBS check on my partner

Can I Get a DBS Check on My Partner? When is a DBS Check Required?

While Clare’s Law and Sarah’s Law are valuable tools for addressing specific concerns about a partner, DBS checks are indispensable in certain work-related scenarios where applicants will have contact with vulnerable groups.

Employers can request Basic, Standard, or Enhanced DBS checks, including a Barred List check if relevant, to ensure the suitability of candidates for sensitive roles.

Conclusion – Can I Get a DBS Check on My Partner?

In conclusion, DBS checks primarily serve the purpose of safeguarding vulnerable groups in the workplace, and it is not possible to request a DBS Check on your partner.

Individuals can explore Clare’s Law and Sarah’s Law for specific personal concerns, but you cannot get a DBS Check if you have concerns about a partner.

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