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  • Choosing the Right DBS Umbrella Body for Your DBS Checks is the First Step Towards a Fast and Secure Service

A DBS Umbrella Body is authorised by the UK Government to act as an intermediary between the Disclosure and Barring Service and an employing organisation requiring the completion of a DBS check. With a bespoke system designed to process your applications securely, Aaron’s Department is a registered Umbrella Body that provides a DBS checking process that is fast and reliable.

What is a DBS Umbrella Body?

Umbrella Bodies function as an intermediary between an applying organisation which is entitled to ask an exempted questions under the ROA 1974 Exceptions Order 1975 and the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Do I Need to Use a DBS Umbrella Body?

Unless you are an organisation which needs to apply for a considerable number of DBS checks annually, then you will need to use an authorised Umbrella Body to process DBS checks on your behalf.

What is the Role of the DBS Umbrella Bodies?

DBS Umbrella Bodies play an essential role by providing access to DBS checks to organisations which are not able to register directly with the Disclosure and Barring Service. They provide support and guidance and the necessary IT infrastructure to enable small companies to apply for DBS checks online. It is easy to sign up to Aaron’s Department which will provide you with a fast and cost-effective DBS checking service.

How Does a DBS Umbrella Body Work?

Understanding the rules and the process of applying for a DBS check takes time. An Umbrella Body has already spent the time needed to learn these rules and procedures. It then utilises this knowledge by investing in creating a software application and service necessary to enable organisations to apply for a DBS check online.

What Makes a Good DBS Umbrella Body?

In addition to supplying the infrastructure needed to obtain a DBS check, a good Umbrella Body will also provide an organisation with the help and guidance necessary to ensure the fast processing of each application. The quality of the online DBS application system should also be considered, a system that checks for errors automatically will save a lot of time and eliminate rejected applications.

Aaron's Department Takes Your Online Security Seriously

Personnel Ltd T/A Aaron's Department has to pass strict security standards to be able to connect to the UK Government's Gateway. Our Cyber Essentials Certificate Number can be found here: Personnel Ltd / TA Aaron's Department Cyber Essentials certificate.

Aaron's Department complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Data Protection Laws give individuals (known as data subjects) certain rights over their personal data while imposing certain obligations on the organisations that process their data. Aaron's Department respects and values the privacy of everyone who visits our website, and will only collect and use personal data in ways described by the privacy policy.

What Happens if I Make a Mistake on an Application Form

Occasional mistakes that are made while filling in the application form are detected right away with Aaron’s Department's online DBS checking service. Our system automatically reviews your entered information spotting errors and omissions. This constant validating ensures that when forwarded to the DBS service, the application doesn't get rejected and speeds up the whole process.

Give Us a Call or Send an Email, We Are Here to Help

Our customer service team that handles all of your issues with astute analysis and professionalism. Reach us on the land lines or via our e – mail.

If in Need of Support Regarding the Employment or other Matters Do Not Hesitate to Come to Us Looking for Advice.

At Aaron’s Department we’ve developed a fairly good knowledge in recruitment and business management based on our own experience. Our advice would be reasonable and fair, will not discriminate unfairly against a person because of any previous convictions revealed in the DBS check and would reflect guidance issued by the Disclosure and Barring Service or any other reputable parties in the field.

Promptly Issued DBS Certificate

We connect directly to the UK Government’s Gateway and process your application the very same day, ensuring a promptly issued DBS Certificate. Our system for DBS Online disclosures offers fast and free registration and takes a huge load off your back restraining you from using paper applications.


We offer fairly decent price for all of the DBS application types, without loading the price on expensive sign-up costs and annual fees. Our DBS fees are clear and simple with no hidden costs.

Aaron’s Department offers free credits for organisations that pay in advance.

Sign up now for free, and start using our quick and easy service which is backed up by our fantastic support!

DBS Checks online
With a free registration, our online DBS system is a fast and easy way to complete your DBS checks online. We connect directly to the UK Government's gateway ensuring the fastest possible completion of your DBS checks.

DBS Check Testimonial ".......They are very helpful and efficient, I have been using them for over 13 years..........."
Lorraine Brooks
"After using paper applications for so long I was a bit sceptical about changing, but after looking at how easy and straight forward it is to sign up I would definitely recommend it"
Richard Turner

"Fantastic service for the DBS.

A speedy efficient service.

I will always use this company for my Applications"

Rachel Green
"Brilliant service..... it has definitely helped me get my staff into work faster than before"
Simon O'Donoghue


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