Training Courses by Aaron’s Department

We’ve created a series of CPD accredited courses to get your staff up-to-speed on a range of workplace topics. From Food Hygiene, to GDPR Awareness, to Dementia Care, we’re bound to have something of use for your team!

Perks of Aaron’s Department Training Courses

Why use Aaron’s Department for your staff training? Here are 6 quick reasons!

Secure Certificates

Upon course completion, we provide a verifiable certificate, in a printable PDF format.

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What are Aaron’s Department Training Courses Like?

Each of our courses comprises a series of chapters/sections, followed by a set of questions to ensure that the Learner has taken in and understood what they’ve just read.

These aren’t all cookie-cutter “tick A, B, C, or D” questions. To keep things engaging, there are ‘true/false statements’, ‘fill in the blanks’, ‘select all that apply’, and ‘match the correct terms’ style questions, as well as the odd multiple choice question.

Learners can only proceed to the next section when they have scored 100% on the previous questions, and you’ll receive email confirmation when they have finished!

How Can I Request Courses for my Staff?

Requesting courses for staff is a simple process with Aaron’s Department! We’ve designed it to be as hands-off as possible – here’s how it works:

Once you’ve created your (free) account with us, you can then create Personnel accounts for the staff requiring training. We only need their name and email address providing. Then, simply select which courses they need, and the course logins are emailed direct to the Personnel.

Progress can be viewed in our system to ensure that your Learners are cracking on with their courses!

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List of Training Courses

Each training course is suitable for one Learner, and costs £5.95:

Basic Life Support With AEDLearn basic life support procedures for all ages, including how to perform CPR, help someone who is choking, and use an AED (defibrillator).
Dementia CareThis course covers the stages of dementia, and the challenges posed by communication, behaviour, and diet. It also discusses how to engage patients with stimulating activities and enhance their quality of life.
Equality & DiversityEnsure your staff understand and comply with The Equality Act 2010, recognise unacceptable actions, and promote an inclusive workplace. This course helps prevent legal issues and fosters a positive, diverse environment.
Fire SafetyLearn essential fire safety protocols, including identifying hazards, minimising risks, evacuating effectively, and which fire extinguisher to use on each type of fire.
First Aid AwarenessLearn vital first aid skills, such as training to performing CPR and bandage application, and handling emergencies like fractures, dislocations, heart attacks, choking, and diabetic conditions with confidence and accuracy.
Food HygieneEnsure a safe and compliant food environment. This course covers food hygiene, legal duties, hazards, and prevention of bacteria spread. Learn best practices for food preparation, storage, and personal hygiene.
GDPR Awareness TrainingUnderstand the fundamentals of GDPR, including its principles, individual rights, and accountability measures. Learn how to handle international data transfers, manage personal data breaches, and ensure robust security practices.
Handling ComplaintsMaster complaint-handling in a care setting by learning strategies to address concerns professionally and empathetically. Ensure a high standard of care and satisfaction through clear communication and proper resolution techniques.
Health And SafetyLearn essential workplace health and safety practices, including legal duties, first aid, wheelchair maintenance, and hygiene requirements. Address critical issues like bullying and gas leaks to ensure a safe and compliant work environment.
Infection ControlLearn about managing infection risks, legal responsibilities, chemical safety, hygiene practices, and more. This course covers everything from handwashing techniques to hazardous waste management.
IT & Cyber Security For End UsersKeep your staff up-to-date on IT Security practices, including threat identification, scam avoidance, and safeguarding private information. This training helps individuals to secure their digital activities.
Medication AdministrationPromote safe and effective medication practices with training on administration, record-keeping, consent, and error management.
Mental Health & CapacityGain essential knowledge on types of mental health issues and their impact. Understand of the Mental Capacity Act, the Mental Health Act, safeguarding, and the use of restraints and restrictions.
People Moving And HandlingLearn techniques for moving and handling individuals safely and comfortably. This covers employer obligations, appropriate actions and manoeuvres for various situations, and the consequences of poor practices.
Safeguarding Adults At Risk (Level 3)Understand the definition of a Vulnerable Adult, recognise forms of abuse, and learn how to respond appropriately to disclosures and suspicions. This course covers key legislation and guidance for reporting abuse.
Safeguarding ChildrenLearn to identify and respond to signs of child abuse, understand the impact on development, and follow safeguarding procedures. This course covers key legislation and effective reporting methods to protect children.

CPD Accredited Training Courses

Our training courses being CPD accredited means they meet the highest standards of professional development, ensuring that the content is not only relevant and up-to-date but also rigorously evaluated for quality.

This accreditation guarantees that our courses provide exceptional value, contributing significantly to participants’ professional growth and skill enhancement.

Training Course Prices

All our courses are just £5.95(+VAT) per learner, per course.