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Over the past 20 years, Aaron’s Department has helped thousands of organisations get online DBS checks for their staff.

Here, we’ll go over the types of online DBS check available, how they work, and why you should choose Aaron’s Department to process your DBS applications!

Why Use Aaron’s Department For DBS Checks?

Officially Registered

We have been approved by the UK Government to help process your DBS checks.

With this, our system is linked directly to the Goverment, allowing for faster checks.

Free Fast Tracking

We process and send all DBS checks the
same day (when received before 4:00pm on a weekday) for no extra cost.

Free fast tracking to help get your DBS checks processed quicker.

Online Basic DBS Check

As the name suggests, this is the most basic level of check! It contains the details of any unspent convictions or conditional cautions the applicant has.

This level of DBS check can be requested by anyone and an online Basic DBS Check requires no eligibility, unlike the Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks.

Online Basic DBS Check
Online Standard DBS Check

Online Standard DBS Check

This DBS check contains information on cautions, warnings, and reprimands, as well as any spent and unspent convictions.

Unlike a Basic DBS check, a Standard DBS check can only be applied for by an employer.

Suitable for some roles in the financial or legal sectors, and for people working in a care setting, but not in a healthcare providing role.

Online Enhanced DBS Check

This Enhanced DBS check includes all the previous checks from a Standard check: cautions, warnings, and reprimands, and any spent and unspent convictions. As well as this, Local Police Forces can also add any information that they feel is relevant to the applicant and their DBS check.

Enhanced DBS checks can also include a search of the DBS’s Children and/or Adult Barred List, which says whether the individual is allowed to work with Children/ Vulnerable Adults.

Online Enhanced DBS Check
Online Adult First Check

Online Adult First Check

Got a healthcare worker who needs to start providing care to vulnerable adults as soon as possible? Adult First Checks are the perfect solution.

Within 24–48 hours after the DBS check is processed, you will know whether the person in question can start working, under supervision.

This means you don’t have to wait to see the physical DBS certificate in person!

The DBS Checking Process Explained

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the online DBS checking process?

We’ll tell you what happens during each stage below!

Step 1: The DBS Application is Received

After we have double-checked the application, it is sent to the DBS, who will also check for any errors or omissions.
Thanks to our system, it’s very unlikely this will happen!

Step 2: Applicant’s Data Is Compared

The applicant’s data is compared against details held on the Police National Computer, identifying possible matches.

Step 3: Children’s/Adult’s Barred List Search (If Required)

If eligible for the applicants’ role, the Children’s and Adult’s Barred List check will be searched. This will tell you whether the individual is allowed to work with Children/Vulnerable Adults.

Step 4: Local Police Record Check (Enhanced Checks Only)

At this stage, the form is sent securely to any relevant local police forces for a check against their local records.

Step 5: The DBS Certificate is Printed!

All the information that is disclosed is printed under highly secure procedures and then posted to the applicant’s address. The applicant must then show it to the employer

Not all DBS checks go through the same stages
Use the flowchart below to tell you which stages you or your employees’ will need to go through:

flow chart infographic showing the stages of a dbs check

Can You Still Get CRB Checks?

In 2012, CRB checks became DBS Checks, so technically, yes, you can still get one.

However, if an employee hands you a CRB check, you should get them a new one. CRB checks are now hopelessly outdated, and will not help make an informed recruitment decision.

table showing the difference between DBS checks and CRB checks
Enhanced DBS Check

The DBS Update Service

Once your employee has got their DBS certificate, they can be added to the Update Service. This means they will never need to do a new DBS check, until there is new information on any convictions, cautions, or reprimands.

At Aaron’s Department, we can add them to the Update Service for you, and let you know the second there is any new information!