Online DBS Check Costs

Online DBS costs with aaron's department

Our Online DBS Check Costs are Far Cheaper and Easier than the Paper Applications!

Our online DBS checking service is far more cost-efficient compared to paper DBS checks and other registered bodies.

Disclosure Type

DBS Application Fee (No VAT)

Administration Fees (+VAT)

Basic DBS Check Cost


£5.45 (from as little as £3.11)

Standard DBS Check Cost


£8.75 (from as little as £5.00)

Enhanced DBS Check Cost


£10.95 (from as little as £6.26)

Adult First Check Cost


£5.45 (from as little as £3.11)

Standard DBS Check – Volunteer


£8.75 (from as little as £5.00)

Enhanced DBS Check – Volunteer


£10.95 (from as little as £6.26)

You can reduce your admin credit fees to as little as £3.11 using our Free Admin Credit System!

Payment Methods

Credit or Debit Card

We accept most major Credit and Debit cards.

Bank Transfer – Using BACS or your online banking system

(Only this method of payment is eligible for FREE Admin Credit – see below table)

Pay in Advance and Get FREE Credit!

Depending on the deposit you put into your account, the bigger the discount will be!

For example, if you look up at the top table you will see the online DBS check costs split into two parts the “DBS Fee” & the “Admin Fee”. If you make a single payment where the amount of the “Admin Fee” of the payment adds up to £600 or more, you would get 75% of it back as free Admin credit!

For a full breakdown of how this works, you can use our free credit guide.

Those account holders that have the “Company Admin” permissions, can log in to their accounts and add payments to their DBS applications.

Simply put down the number of DBS checks you want, and for which type and our system will automatically calculate the total cost. 

Advanced Payment – Free Admin Credit Guide

Administration fee Deposit From


Credit applied

























* Please note that the free Admin fees added to your account, can be used towards any future Admin fees costs you incur using our services, once the main fees have been used.