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What is a CRB Check?

A CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) check is a criminal record check usually carried out by employers or organisations on potential and current staff. It is used to make informed recruitment decisions, and in some cases, to see whether the individual can work with vulnerable adults and children.

They can also be carried out on the likes of volunteers, foster carers and adoption applicants – anywhere where a criminal history could be important to know about.

The Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) merged with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) in 2012 to become the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Using Our Online CRB/DBS Application Service

Aaron’s Department’s online CRB application service removes the need for the printing and posting of regular CRB paper forms. Aside from saving on postage costs, this method is also significantly faster, cheaper, and helps get your applicants to get to work quicker.


Using encryption, every payment and application we receive is kept secure, ensuring the privacy and information security of all employers and their CRB applicants.

As we are an Officially Registered Umbrella Body, our online CRB check system, designed for your ease of use, has direct access to the UK Government gateway.

We promise to process every CRB application we receive before 4:00pm the same day. This means that you get your check faster – we’ve had CRB checks returned to us, complete, within an hour!

Benefits of Using us For Your Online CRB Checks

Here are some of the features you’ll benefit from when you get a CRB check online with Aaron’s Department:

Fast CRB Results

If we receive a CRB check before 4pm, we guarantee we’ll process and send it the same day.

Online Tracking

Keep up-to-date with your applications using our online tracker.

Affordable Checks

Our admin fees start at £5.45,
and are even lower when paying in bulk!

More Benefits of Our CRB Online System!

Our online CRB system is designed to make your life easier, with easy to navigate CRB application forms and a built-in error checker. No more worrying about your application being rejected over a tiny mistake!

Aaron’s Department’s online system has a built-in CRB tracking service online feature, which keeps you up-to-date as your application moves through the stages.

When you register (for free) with Aaron’s Department, you will have full access to our fantastic support team. As we have been doing CRB checks for over 18 years, you can rest assured you and your applications are in good hands.

Registration is fast, free, and open to any organisation. With no contracts, subscriptions, or minimum check requirements to tie you down, simply apply for as many CRB checks as you want.

How Much Is An Online CRB Check?

Online CRB check prices depend on two factors: the type of check you need, and where you get them from! Each Umbrella Body (that is, an organisation registered with the government, able to process DBS applications) will charge different prices,

Basic CRB Check

Government application fee: £18

Our admin fee: £5.45 (+VAT)

Total: £13.45 (+ admin fee VAT)

Standard CRB Check

Government application fee: £18

Our admin fee: £8.75 (+VAT)

Total: £26.75 (+ admin fee VAT)

Enhanced DBS Check

Government application fee: £38

Our admin fee: £10.95 (+VAT)

Total: £48.95 (+ admin fee VAT)

A basic CRB check contains a list of unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings recorded on Police central records.

A standard CRB check contains a list of spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings recorded on Police central records.

Like the previous two, an enhanced CRB check contains a list of spent and unspent convictions. In addition, any information held by Local Police Forces that is considered relevant will be included. For more information about the Local Police information included in an Enhanced check, click here. When applying for an Enhanced check, it is also possible to apply for a Children’s Barred List check and an Adult’s Barred List check.

This is a list containing individuals who are barred from working with children. It is illegal to work with children, or employ someone to, when they are on the Children’s Barred List. It can only be requested if the prospective candidate will be working in regulated activity or frequently unsupervised with children in their role.

The Adult’s Barred List check contains a list of individuals who are not allowed to work with vulnerable adults. It is illegal to work with vulnerable adults, or employ someone to, if they are on this list. When applying for an Adult’s Barred List check, it is possible to apply for an Adult First check. Doing so allows the applicant to work with vulnerable adults, usually within 48 hours, under supervision, until the full check is completed.

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