Local Police Information DBS Enhanced Check – 5 Min Guide

When getting an Enhanced DBS check, you may have noticed that it includes a check of the Local Police Records, something that isn’t included on any other DBS check. 

But what local police information DBS is included, and why doesn’t it appear as a conviction, caution, or reprimand? In this article, we’ll have a look at everything you need to know about this part of a DBS check!

What Is Local Police Information?

Each of the 45 Police Forces in the UK holds a local record of information on individuals that live, or have lived their area. This local police information DBS can be disclosed on an Enhanced DBS check in the “Other Relevant Information” on the check.

Previously, this information was known as “Approved Information”, but is now commonly referred to as “non-conviction information”, or “Police Intelligence”.

This information usually relates to offences where no criminal conviction resulted, or the conviction of a closely associated 3rd party (such as a spouse).

What Type Of Information Is On Local Police Records?

The following information can be found in the Local Police Information records:
– Penalty Notices
– Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN’s)
– Penalty Notices for Disorder (PND’s)
– Acquittals
– Cautions and Convictions of those you live with
– Findings of Innocence
– Allegations
– Any other information that the Police have on file

These records are separate to the information held on the Police National Computer (PNC), including Cautions, Reprimands, Final Warnings, and Convictions. 

It’s important to remember that these local police records are not the same as the PNC.

Who decides what information is disclosed on Enhanced DBS Checks?

The decision on whether to include any local information on an Enhanced DBS Check is made by the applicant’s local Police Chief(s). However, this will only be included if it is deemed to be relevant for the job the DBS applicant is going for. There are two main pieces of guidance in which the Chief Police Office will use to make this decision: the Statutory Disclosure Guidance, and the Quality Assurance Framework. If you want to read about them, you can do so by clicking on them below: 
Official Government Statutory Disclosure Guidance 
Quality Assurance Framework Decision Process of Enhanced DBS Checks

How can I tell what the local police will disclose?

The police’s decision-making process follows the flow-chart below, which we’ve sourced from the aforementioned Quality Assurance Framework.

Do DBS Checks Show Family Convictions? How can I tell what the local police will disclose?

How do I see what information the police hold on me?

Sometimes it may be best to be fully aware of what is on your local police record before getting an Enhanced DBS check for a job. 

If you want to find out, you can apply for a Police Subject Access Request, and ask to see any records held against your name. If you really want to, you could also request a copy of the local police force’s process of disclosing this information. However, the police will not be able to tell you what they would disclose for a specific Enhanced DBS check on you.

How Local Police Information Affects The Hiring Process

Whenever local police information is due to be disclosed, the police will normally contact the applicant to inform them of this. This gives the applicant an opportunity to make a representation against the information.

However, it is not guaranteed the police force will get in touch. If there is anything in particular you are worried about, it would be advisable to get in touch with them and ask for a chance of representation.

Why Is Local Police Information Important For Employers?

Whilst the information included may not always be that important, it definitely helps an employer get a better understanding of the person they are hiring.

Remember, if your final decision is solely based on this information, then you have to make sure it is justifiable. Not hiring an applicant just because of their history is classed as discrimination, unless you have a valid reason for doing so.

Local police information dbs

Local Police Information DBS Summary

There you have it – everything you need to know as the Local Police Information, as an employer or an applicant!

If you want to get an Enhanced DBS check, which will include a check of the local police records, you can do so right here at Aaron’s Department. Our bespoke online system allows you to apply for any level of DBS check in a matter of minutes, without the stress of mistakes thanks to our automatic error-checker.

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Victor koenick
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