Fast Track DBS Checks

Our Fast-Track DBS Check Guarantee

All DBS applications sent to us:

– Before 4:00pm on a weekday,
– With no potential errors that our team want to chase up,

will be sent for processing at the DBS the very same day.

A lot of our competitors charge extra for this service, but we fast-track all our DBS checks for free, as-standard.

Quick & Simple Applications

Using Aaron’s Department, applications can be completed in a matter of minutes, either by yourself, or we can send your applicant a log-in so they can get it done themselves.

Checking the applicant’s documents doesn’t take long either, but if you want to save even more time, you can use our Digital ID Checking service to remove the requirement to inspect them at all! Their validity can all be confirmed remotely thanks to our integrated ID checking service

By reducing the amount of time you spend on DBS checks, we can free up more time for you to spend on the productive stuff, that generates value for your organisation. That’s why we aim for speed and efficiency in everything we do!

Standard DBS cleaner

Fast-Track DBS Check FAQs: