FAQ: What is an Umbrella Body?

What is an Umbrella Body?

A DBS Umbrella Body – also known as a Registered Body – is an organisation associated with the DBS, acting as an intermediary between the DBS and organisations that require DBS checks for their staff or volunteers.

The Umbrella Body will usually conduct the initial application on behalf of the organisation, and then submit the application to the DBS for processing.

For Standard and Enhanced checks, employers must use an Umbrella Body, as there is no other way of acquiring these checks.

What Information is the Umbrella Body Party to?

Umbrella bodies often provide DBS countersignatory services, which means their staff can see any details the applicant has included in their DBS application.

The Umbrella Body can also see whether completed checks are returned blank or not, but no further detail is available to them. This knowledge is often shared with the employer in advance of seeing their employee’s certificate, but nothing more – the DBS certificate is sent directly to the applicant, who is then free to choose whether they still want to share their certificate with their employer.

Is Aaron’s Department an Umbrella Body?

Yes! Aaron’s Department is an Umbrella Body that assists all kinds of businesses in getting DBS checks for their staff.

Some of the perks of using Aaron’s Department are:

  • An error-proof system that identifies mistakes as you go, ensuring your application is not returned by the DBS.
  • 3-step, free-of-charge registration – sign up and start getting your Enhanced DBS results in just a few hours.
  • Professional and knowledgable customer support services ready to answer all your DBS check queries.
  • Eligibility guidance, both on our website and through our customer support.

If these sound like benefits you’d like to take advantage of, you can get started with the buttons below, or if you have any more questions, ask away at contact@aaronsdepartment.com or +44 113 877 0171. We’re always happy to help.

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