FAQ: What Are The Three Types of DBS Check?

Introduction – What Are The Three Types of DBS Check?

What are the three types of DBS Checks? There are three different types of DBS check in the UK, each with a different level of detail and suitability for different roles.

The three types of DBS check are:

What Are The Three Types Of DBS Check? Basic

  • A Basic DBS check provides details of an individual’s unspent convictions and is available to anyone to apply for. They are commonly used in workplaces where customers would appreciate an extra level of safeguarding – such as a bar, or an airport – but that don’t qualify for a Standard or Enhanced check.

What Are The Three Types Of DBS Check? Standard

What Are The Three Types Of DBS Check? Enhanced

what are the three types of DBS checks

Barred List Checks

With the Enhanced DBS check, there is the option to apply for an additional series of checks, known as the Adult’s Barred List check, and the Children’s Barred List check. These checks are required for roles that involve working with Children or Vulnerable Adults. You can read more about the Barred Lists on our dedicated page, linked here: Guide to the Barred Lists.

Adult First Checks

In addition to the above, there is also another Enhanced check add-on, called the DBS Adult First check. This can only be used in exceptional circumstances, and allows applicants to start working with Vulnerable Adults (under supervision) before their DBS certificate has arrived. Click here to find out more.

What are the three types of DBS Check


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