DBS Checks For The Financial Sector – 2024

Those who work in the financial sector or intend to work in financial services will likely need a DBS check before doing so. This page will go over everything you need to know about DBS checks for the financial sector, and also BOOMs. (Beneficial Owner, Officer or Manager)

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Are DBS Checks For The Financial Sector Essential?

People who are currently working or going to be working in the financial sector are highly likely to be required to have a DBS check, but what positions within the financial sector need to have a DBS check, and what level is required?

Standard DBS Check
Online Standard DBS Check

Which DBS Checks For The Financial Sector Are Needed?

According to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), any role that performs a ‘controlled function‘ is required to have a Standard DBS Check.

What are Controlled Functions?

Some examples of controlled functions include:

  • Having responsibility for overseeing a firm’s compliance against any money laundering.
  • Responsibility for having compliance with the FCA’s rules.
  • Being an Executive Director of a regulated firm.

If the position includes one of the above functions, then a Standard DBS Check is required

DBS Checks For The Financial Sector – Accountants

Charted Accountants and Certified Accountants will require a Standard DBS Check for employment in the profession and work.

DBS Checks For The Financial Sector – Bank Employees

People who need a DBS check for banks will require a Standard DBS Check before they can start work.

What is a Standard DBS Check?

A Standard DBS check contains a list of both spent and unspent convictions, final warnings, as well as reprimands contained on the PNC (Police National Computer). Only an organisation or employer can apply for a Standard DBS check for an individual.

What Does That All Mean?

Spent convictions are final warnings and/or reprimands that have passed a specific amount of time, and the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) 1974 suggests the individual should be treated as though the offences never happened.

As for unspent convictions, they have not passed this specific amount of time. However, it’s important to remember that some convictions, such as terrorism and sexual offences, will never become spent.
Standard DBS checks are not only suitable for roles in the financial sector, but they’re also often requested for roles in education and care.

However, it’s important to note that a DBS is not the only check that is always required. Some, but not all, organisations may also require a credit check.

DBS Checks For The Financial Sector – BOOMS

All companies who carry out services subject to the Money Laundering Regulations (MLR) 2017 need to make sure that new Beneficial Owners, Officers and Managers (BOOM) can provide the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) with proof that they do not have previous criminal convictions preventing them from being employed in these roles.

This is required by the Treasury on all supervisory authorities, such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and is needed to form part of their anti-money laundering risk and compliance procedures. 

A Basic DBS Check is the way to provide this proof and can be gained through Aaron’s Department easily. 

Once the check has been completed, this proof can then be sent alongside all accompanying documents to the SRA.

What is a BOOM?

A BOOM is one of the following: Beneficial Owner, Officer or Manager making up the word BOOM.

What Do These Roles Mean?

These definitions are set out in the Money Laundering Regulations (2017). 

What is a Beneficial Owner?
‘Beneficial Owner’ appears in regulation 5 and is someone who has a measure of control over the entity, and will include all those holding more than 25% of the shares in a company, and under r.5(3), the equivalent holding in a partnership. 

What is an Officer?
An ‘Officer’ is quite widely defined within r.3 as: 

(a) in relation to a body corporate 

(i) a director, secretary, chief executive, member of the committee of management, or a person purporting to act in such a capacity, or
(ii) an individual who is a controller of the body, or a person purporting to act as a controller; 

(b) in relation to an unincorporated association, means any officer of the association or any member of its governing body, or a person purporting to act in such a capacity; and 

(c) in relation to a partnership, means a partner, and any manager, secretary or similar officer of the partnership, or a person purporting to act in such a capacity” 

To put this into plain English, it is anyone who has an official role in managing or directing the affairs of the firm. Much simpler to understand! 

What is a Manager?
The term ‘manager’ includes those who have responsibility for managing the activities of the firm, even if they do not form part of the firm’s executive or management team.

What Does a Basic DBS Check Show?

The basic DBS check shows all:

  • Unspent convictions.
  • Final warnings.
  • Reprimands.

From the Police National Computer (PNC).

What Information Do You Need for a Basic DBS Check?

To apply for basic DBS checks for the financial sector member of staff, or as a BOOM, you will need the applicants:

  • Current and any previous full names.
  • Date and place of birth.
  • Identification Documents.
  • Five-year address history.
  • National Insurance number (if the candidate has one).
  • Written consent, gives you the right to process the application on their behalf.

How Much Does a Basic DBS Check Cost?

At Aaron’s Department, you can receive a Basic DBS Check on an individual for as little as £18 (the standard Government fee), plus a £5.45 admin fee! 

You can read more about a Basic DBS check on our dedicated page.

Apply for Your DBS Checks for the Financial Sector with Aaron’s Department

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Fast, Reliable Service

At Aaron’s Department, we pride ourselves on quick returns. We process all applications within 24 hours of receiving them, where they are then sent off to the DBS, error-free. So if you still need some DBS checks for the Financial Sector doing, consider getting them done with Aaron’s Department. Click the green button below to register your business for free.