Automatic DBS Update Service Checking For Employers

What is the DBS Update Service?

The DBS Update Service is an official DBS online subscription service that allows employers to check whether there have been any changes to their employees’ criminal records. A Standard or Enhanced certificate is required to subscribe to the Service, but once subscribed, users will only legally require a new DBS check if there is a change to their criminal record.

This allows DBS checks to remain valid indefinitely, as long as your staff don’t receive any changes to their criminal record!

How does Aaron’s Department improve on the DBS Update Service?

The main downside of the DBS Update Service is that it doesn’t actually notify you if it detects a change. You’ve got to regularly log into each of your subscribers’ accounts and manually check for changes to their criminal records. This is a tedious, time-consuming, and easily put-to-one-side job.

Aaron’s Department provides an exclusive time-saving service that automatically checks (daily!) to see if there have been any changes to an individual’s certificate on the DBS Update Service, and notifies you if there has been a change. Simply set up, and forget about it! We’ll make sure you’re informed of any changes.

Perks of using Aaron’s Department for the Update Service

Fully Automatic Checking

We will check every applicant you put on our system for you!

No more having to do the boring work of manually checking for all your staff to make sure they, and you, are compliant.

Set Up and Forget
About It!

Once an applicant is set up on our system, our system checks them daily.

No need to worry about their checks again.

How much does the DBS Update Service cost?

The DBS Update service costs £13 per year in government fees, and the subscription starts from the day of the DBS certificate issue date.

If the applicant meets the DBS’s definition of a Volunteer, then the £13 government fee is waived.

Our Automatic Update Service checker costs just £1 per month, per subscriber.

The table below shows how the Update Service can save employers money by removing the need for regular DBS checks:

How does the DBS Update Service Work?

To register online for the DBS Update Service, an applicant must have had a Standard or Enhanced DBS check issued within the last 30 days.

With Aaron’s Department,adding a DBS certificate to the Update Service is as simple as checking a box during the application process, and we’ll ensure the subscription is created.

To view an applicant’s Update Service account, you’ll need the applicant’s name, date of birth, and their 12-digit DBS certificate reference number.

Automatic DBS Update Service Checking For Employers

What happens if the Update Service detects a change?

If there is a change to the applicants’ status on the DBS update service, it is your decision as an employer whether to get a new DBS check for the individual. That said, we would strongly recommend that you get a new check for them.

Most of the businesses that use the Update Service are regulated by either Ofsted, or the CQC – and both of these regulators may view the lack of a new check as a breach of safeguarding standards.

If you’re a user of our Automatic Update Service Checker, you’ll know as soon a change is detected and a new check is required, ensuring no-one is put at risk, and high safeguarding standards are maintained!

Summary: The DBS Update Service

The DBS Update Service is an official, government-run system that keeps DBS checks legally up-to-date for as long as the subscriber’s criminal record remains unchanged. It’s a great way to save money by removing the need for regular staff DBS checks. However, the Update Service needs manually checking, which is a repetitive, time-consuming task.

Our Automatic Update Service Checker checks the Update Service automatically, and immediately notifies employers if it detects a change in status. This can save lots of time (and, therefore, money) previously spent manually checking the DBS Update Service.

For more information, please feel free to drop us an email at, or call 0113 877 0171
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Automatic DBS Update Service Checking For Employers

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