Automatic DBS Update Service Checking For Employers

Aaron’s Department provides an exclusive time-saving service that automatically checks to see if there have been any changes to an individual’s certificate on the DBS Update Service. This saves you the hassle of doing it yourself, or assigning the role to someone else who is also already busy.

The DBS Update Service is an official DBS online subscription service which allows employers to check whether there have been any changes to their employees’ Standard or Enhanced DBS certificates. This means employers only have to pay for new checks if there’s been a change to an employee’s record, as opposed to having to pay for regular checks.

Our unique system means that you are secure in the knowledge that you are keeping your DBS checks fully updated and keeping vulnerable adults or children in your care safe continually.

All you have to do is select who you want to have on the DBS Automatic Update Service, and we’ll start checking them daily for you.

It really is as simple as that!

Automatic DBS Update Service Checker Benefits

So, why should you let us do all the boring DBS Update Service checking for you? Here are the benefits of using our DBS update service.

Fully Automatic Checking

We will check every applicant you put on our system for you!

No more having to do the boring work of manually checking for all your staff to make sure they, and you, are compliant.

Set Up and Forget About It!

Once an applicant is set up on our system, our system checks them daily.

No need to worry about their checks again.

Automatic Updates & Notifications

As soon as there’s a change to an employee’s DBS, you’ll be the first to know!

You’ll receive these important notifications straight to your email, keeping you completely updated instantly.

Add Employees After Their DBS Is Complete

As soon as your employee’s DBS check has been processed, you can add them to the DBS Update Service.

Now you don’t have to worry about missing the 30-day cut-off point!

Employees Already On The Update Service?

If your employees are already on the DBS Update Service, all you have to do is transfer some details across.

We’ll take care of the rest!

Simple Set-Up

Just like the rest of our DBS Checking services, this is easy to set up!

Applicants can be added to the DBS Update Service in a matter of seconds.

What Is The DBS Update Service?

The DBS online Update Service lets employers to easily check their applicant’s DBS certificate online, and carry out regular status checks, with the individual’s consent.

How The Update Service Works

To view the online certificate, an employer, or organisation just needs the 12-digit DBS certificate reference number, the applicant’s name, and date of birth. If the application has already been done through Aaron’s Department, all you have to do is select which applicants you want to be added to it!

No More Manual Checks – We Make It Automatic!

At Aaron’s Department, we’re able to do all the boring work for you!

Our system automatically checks your applicants daily, and updates you if there are any changes to their certificate. If there are, you’ll be notified immediately so a new DBS check can be performed.

If the applicant is already registered on the online DBS Update Service system, you can transfer their information across. However, if they’re not, you can register them using Aaron’s Department too!

(Please note: To register someone on the online DBS Update Service, a DBS Certificate must have been issued within the last 30 days).

Automatic, online DBS Update Service checking for employers - By Aaron's Department

How Does The Update Service Work?

In essence, the DBS Update Service is an online subscription service which allows employers to view an individual’s DBS certificate quickly. However, with Aaron’s Department, the Update Service becomes even more effective!

Our system will automatically check an Update Service subscriber’s DBS certificate, on their employer’s behalf (with the applicant’s consent, of course). If their DBS Certificate status changes, this indicates there is new information that an employer should see, and the Employer will be notified.

Using this service as an Employer allows you to keep up-to-date with your employee’s DBS certificate status, without having to manually check yourself when you remember to.

In job roles that require safeguarding, being notified of a change of a DBS Certificate’s status is essential in keeping others safe.

How Much Does The DBS Update Service Cost?

The DBS Update service costs £13 per year in government fees (plus a small admin fee, set by the Umbrella Body) and starts from the day of the DBS certificate issue date.

If the applicant is a volunteer, then the £13 charge is waived.

How Do Employers Check DBS Update Service?

There are two ways this can be done:

1. The Boring, Time-Consuming Way

Employers manually go to the DBS Update Service website, and type in the employee’s details, check, then repeat as many times as necessary. There’s no quick and easy way to do this… and no-one wants to be checking all staff, every day, it is impossible.

2. Let Aaron’s Department Do It For Them!

Once your employees’/applicants’ details are entered on our system, we will do all the checking for you – digitally. No more wasting your time doing things the old-fashioned way! You can read more about the perks of using our Online DBS Update Services here.

How Do I Get Automatic DBS Update Service Checking?

The only way is through Aaron’s Department! As far as we’re aware, at the time of writing, no other business is offering this Automatic DBS Update Service.

Once you have an account with us, you can enter the details of your employees who are already on the DBS Update Service, and add new ones to it!

Once you’ve set it up, that’s all you need to do. Our system will update you as soon as any of the employee’s DBS certificate status changes.

What Happens If There’s A Change On The DBS Certificate?

As an employer, it is your decision whether to get a new DBS check for the individual.

When working with Vulnerable Adults and/or Children, a change in the DBS status could affect their eligibility to legally work with these groups. Thanks to the automatic checking, you’ll know as soon as you need a new DBS check performing, ensuring no-one is put at risk. In Childcare And Education, this could be seen as an excellent way to safeguard children and one day may become a legal requirement.

Is It Worth Getting The Automatic DBS Update Service?

We think it is definitely worth getting the Automatic DBS Update Service. On top of saving a lot of time and money, it will more importantly ensure that the people under your care, as well as the those around them, will be constantly protected.

A lot can happen in between DBS checks! For example, if your work setting rules are that a new DBS check is required every 3 years, you won’t know about any new offences for 3 years, when you get a new check for the applicant.

With the Automatic DBS update service, you will instantly know about any new convictions, cautions, reprimands, or warnings as soon as they appear.

Registering For DBS Update Service

As An Employer

Employers can register their applicants onto the Update Service on our system. Simply log in, select which applications you would like to add, and add them!

If you don’t already have a company account, you can create one here.

Even if the individuals’ application wasn’t done through Aaron’s Department, it can still be added to our automatic checking system!

Applying for DBS update service checks as an Individual

Once your DBS Certificate has been completed, you can ask your employer to add you to the Update Service via Aaron’s Department. Once they have done, the system will automatically notify them if there are any changes to your Certificate.

What Information Is Needed To Register For The DBS Update Service?

To register online for the DBS Update Service, an applicant must have had a Standard or Enhanced DBS check issued within the last 30 days.

On top of this, the following information is needed:

(If the DBS was done through Aaron’s Department, it will be automatically entered)

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Reference number

Conclusion: The DBS Update Service And What we Offer

In conclusion, the online DBS Update Service is a system that can inform employers if their employees need a new DBS check. By using it, employers can keep their employees’ checks legally valid without needing to pay for regular new checks. However, the update service needs manually checking, which is a time-consuming and dull task.

Our system checks the Update Service automatically, and immediately notifies employers if it detects a change. This can save lots of time (and, therefore, money) previously spent manually checking the DBS Update Service.

DBS update service

Want To Find Out More?

If you want to find out more, we have another article about our Update Service: Why You Should Apply For The DBS Update Service or you can read one of our FAQ pages, about Renewal of DBS Checks and Transferable DBS Checks

We offer a valuable service that we know can save you time and keep people safe in your care.

For more information, you can register below, or contact us for more information. Contact us at, or call us on 0113 877 0171, we’re always happy to help.