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What is a Basic DBS Check?

A Basic DBS check provides a list of an individual’s convictions and conditional cautions from the Police National Computer (PNC) that are considered unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) 1974.

Getting a Basic DBS check allows organisations to make more informed recruitment decisions, as it reveals if an individual has any unspent convictions or cautions .

They can be applied for those who have lived, or will live, in England and Wales.

How To Apply for a Basic DBS Check

Employers can request a Basic DBS check for any purpose, as long as the applicant has given permission.

Organisations just have to apply for Basic DBS checks through a Registered Umbrella Body, like Aaron’s Department.

If you’re an individual looking for a Basic DBS check, you can do it directly with the DBS themselves.

How To Apply For Basic DBS Check

How Much Does a Basic DBS Check Cost?

Official DBS FeeAdmin FeeTotal


£5.45 (+VAT)

£23.45 (+ Admin Fee VAT)

We also give out free admin credit as a discount if you pay for checks in bulk!

No sign up fees, no hidden costs.
Simply pay for what you need, when you need it!

Who needs a Basic DBS Check?

Anybody can get a Basic DBS check, for any role, as long as doesn’t legally require a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check.

Employers use Basic DBS checks to help make a more informed recruitment decision, as it allows them to see any unspent convictions, cautions, or reprimands that an individual may have.

Common roles that we often see Basic DBS checks requested for include the likes of Retail Assistants, Delivery Drivers, and Construction Workers.

Can I Apply for my own Basic DBS Check?

If you’re an individual looking to get a Basic DBS check for yourself, then you are able to apply for one through the official Government website.

If you’re an employer looking to get DBS checks for their staff, then you will need to do it through an officially registered Umbrella Body, like us!

Online Basic DBS Check

What Shows Up On Basic DBS Checks?

A Basic DBS Certificate contains all unspent convictions, final warnings, conditional cautions, and reprimands from the Police National Computer.

Spent convictions, final warnings, conditional cautions, and reprimands are not shown on a Basic DBS check. This shouldn’t be a concern, as the Government advises employers to treat these spent convictions as though they have never happened.

What are Basic DBS Certificates Used For?

  • For a current job, new job, or volunteer work.
  • Additional credibility when applying for a position.
  • Visa application for UK residents.
  • Self-employed people can use the certificate to increase customer confidence.
  • Vetting people who are looking for accommodation.
  • For any other purpose. There are no eligibility guidelines for a Basic DBS Check.
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The 5 Steps of a Basic DBS Application

With our online DBS system, getting a Basic Disclosure as an employer has never been easier!

Step 1

Enter the name and email of your applicant into the system and an invitation is sent.

Step 2

The applicant logs in and fills out the application (or you can do it on their behalf).

Step 3

The candidate shows you the required documents (or use our Digital ID check service to do this step for you!).

Step 4

You confirm that you have seen the documents (and that they are legitimate), and press send*.

Step 5

The application is processed by the DBS, and your applicant receives their Basic Disclosure Certificate.

*(If any errors are identified by our countersignatories, you will be quickly notified, so amendments can be made.)

Please Note: At Aaron’s Department, we do not offer a Basic check for individuals. Any service aimed at individuals is just an application-checking service, offering very little value for the customer. It will be slower than going directly, and some services will charge you a ridiculous amount of money.

If you want a Basic DBS for yourself, we recommend you go directly to the UK Government’s website.

Affordable Basic DBS Checks for Employers!

Many DBS providers use subscription fees, minimum check limits, sign-up fees, fast-track fees, and other hidden costs to wring money out of their customers, but Aaron’s Department is the opposite.

Sign-up is free, and checks are pay-as-you-go: Basic checks cost £18 in government application fees, along with our £5.45 service charge. For employers planning on doing lots of checks, we discount our fee even lower!

What you get:

We’ll provide an easy-to-use, error-proof online application system, backed up by our dedicated support team. What’s more, every application we receive is fast-tracked! If it’s sent to us before 4:00pm on a weekday, we’ll check it, and send it on to the DBS the very same day.

Interested? Use the buttons below to sign up, or get in touch at or call 0113 877 0171 to speak to our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

FAQs and Further Reading

If you’re new to DBS checks, you’ll probably still have some questions – these pages might be of use: