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Why do you need an “ENHANCED DBS CHECK”?


There are three types of DBS Check

The “ENHANCED DBS CHECK”, this is a critical background verification process designed for those in positions involving children or vulnerable adults. It includes a thorough examination of criminal records, detailing both spent and unspent convictions, cautions, warnings, and any pertinent police information. This check also covers the Children’s and Adult’s Barred Lists, ensuring individuals barred from such roles are identified.

Aaron’s Department processes hundreds of “ENHANCED DBS CHECKS” applications daily. Our service includes same-day processing, free registration, bulk discounts and fantastic customer service, priced at just £10.95 per check (50% free credit available!)

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An “ENHANCED DBS CHECK” can be requested only in specific cases and is essential for working with protected groups such as children or vulnerable adults. These checks can only be requested by an employer or organization, not by individuals.

It is required for a person to have an “ENHANCED DBS CHECK” for duties, positions, and licences which are included in ROA 1974 (Exceptions Order 1975) and the Police Act 1997 regulations. These checks were formerly known as “Enhanced CRB checks“, but this was changed in 2012.

“ENHANCED CRIMINAL DISCLOSURE CHECKS” can only be requested by an employer or organisation – not an individual.

Read About “Enhanced DBS” Eligibility
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An “ENHANCED DBS CHECK is commonly required for positions that involve regulated activities with vulnerable adults and children.

This includes positions such as healthcare workers, teachers, taxi drivers, and other roles that require providing healthcare, or unsupervised contact with children.

If you’re not sure if your role requires an “ENHANCED DBS CHECK“, the Government offers an eligibility checker.

Use Eligibility Checker

The Barred Lists?

There are two Barred Lists:

The Adult’s Barred List.
The Children’s Barred List.

Employment in roles involving regulated activities with these groups is illegal if the individual is on a Barred List. These checks are included in the “ENHANCED DBS CHECKS” at no extra cost.

Read About The Barred Lists
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How Much Does an “ENHANCED DBS CHECK” Cost?

Official DBS FeeAdmin FeeTotal


£10.95 (+VAT)

£48.95 (+ Admin Fee VAT)

We also give out free admin credit as a discount if you pay for checks in bulk!
It’s also worth noting that if your applicant is a volunteer, the DBS fee is waived, lowering the price to just £10.95 +VAT.

No sign up fees, no hidden costs.
Simply pay for what you need, when you need it!

What do “ENHANCED DBS CHECKS” Disclose?

An “ENHANCED DBS CERTIFICATE” will disclose the applicant’s spent and unspent convictions, final warnings, and reprimands.

It also includes any information that the local police consider relevant for disclosure (this is known as Local Police Information, and rarely comes into play).

It will also include the result of a check against one or both barred lists, if necessary.

Can I Apply for my own “ENHANCED DBS CHECK”?

Only an organisation or employer can submit an application for an “Enhanced DBS Check” for their staff or volunteers, and only if they meet the DBS’s eligibility requirements. The only DBS check individuals can apply for themselves is a Basic DBS check.

Independent contractors and other self-employed workers who need an Enhanced check have different options based on their circumstances. We’ve created a page to advise in more detail, linked here: DBS Checks For Self Employed Workers

“ENHANCED DBS CHECKS” The 5 Stages of an Application

After your application has left the Aaron’s Department system, your “Enhanced DBS check” can go through up to five stages:

Stage 1

Application for an Enhanced check is received and validated by the DBS and is checked for errors.

Stage 2

The applicant is checked in the PNC (Police National Computer) for relevant information.

Stage 3

If a Barred List check has been requested, the applicant is checked on the relevant Barred list(s).

Stage 4

There is then a check against the local police records, with the local police deciding which information is relevant for disclosure relating to the position the applicant is applying for.

Step 5

The Enhanced DBS Certificate is printed under very secure procedures and is sent to the applicant.

Enhanced DBS Check
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  • A built-in tracking system, as well as progress update emails.
  • Fantastic services, that seamlessly integrate with each other.
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