DBS Regulated Activity – 5 Things You Should Know

Whether someone will be engaging in DBS Regulated Activity plays a big part in determining if they will need an Enhanced DBS Check with Barred list or not – but what is “Regulated Activity”?

What is DBS Regulated Activity?

Regulated Activity refers to specific roles that are carried out by people when working with Vulnerable Adults and children.

There are various activities that would fall under ‘Regulated Activity’ such as caring for people who are unable to themselves, because of old age, illness or disability.

If this were the case, then the carer would need an Enhanced DBS Check with Barred List Check. We go into further detail regarding what Regulated Activity is in our article, Regulated Activity And DBS Checks.

DBS Regulated Activity

Is DBS Regulated Activity The Same With Children and Vulnerable Adults?

DBS Regulated Activity is different for Vulnerable Adults and children, but what is Regulated Activity classed as when working with these vulnerable groups?

What is a DBS Regulated Activity with Children?

The following are always classed as a Regulated Activity with children:

  • Personal care for children.
  • The provision of healthcare by a regulated healthcare professional.
  • Foster care, or registered childminding.
  • Managing or supervising anyone else who is partaking in Regulated Activity.

If the following are done regularly (more than 4 times in a 30-day period), they are classed as a Regulated Activity with children:

  • Unsupervised activities such as teaching, caring for children or driving a children-only vehicle.
  • Work taking place in ‘Specified Places’ – establishments where there is the opportunity to be in contact with children. For example, a school or children’s home.
DBS Regulated Activity

What is a Regulated Activity with Adults?

  • Personal care for Vulnerable Adults.
  • Social work (when provided by a social care worker).
  • Assisting with shopping or the handling of money due to their illness or age.
  • The provision of healthcare by a regulated healthcare professional.
  • Helping conduct their own affairs, under a formal appointment. (“own affairs”, here, refers to legal representation)
  • Assisting them to and from places where they receive personal care, healthcare or social work.
DBS Regulated Activity

What Else Must You Know About DBS Regulated Activity?

So, if the job role includes any of the above, then it will likely mean that it does involve Regulated Activity. Whether you are hiring full-time staff, part-time, or even volunteers, they will need an Enhanced DBS Check with Barred Lists checks.

Without such checks, as an employer, you could be breaking the law, and putting others at risk. Not carrying out the correct checks can have consequences, and is not worth the risk to the safety of children, Vulnerable Adults or other staff.

If your staff will be conducting Regulated Activity, you can get their Enhanced DBS Check with Barred List checks by signing up below.

Summary: DBS Regulated Activity

In summary, DBS checks are a vital part of safeguarding children and Vulnerable Adults. Employers and organisations should carry out these checks on all staff members participating in Regulated Activity to ensure that they have not been convicted of any criminal offences that might make them unsuitable for the role.

If you are still unsure about what level of check is needed, we’re more than happy to help.

Simply give us a call on 0113 877 0171, and one of our experienced team members will be happy to discuss it with you! And if you’re looking for a DBS check provider, feel free to register with us using the button below!

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