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  • An Adult First Check Is done Fast and Efficiently with Aaron's Department's Online Service

Aaron's Department's online service helps organisations that provide vulnerable adult services to check their candidates against the DBS Adult Barred List faster. When applying for an Adult First, the employer will, usually within 48 hours, receive information about whether the candidate can start working under supervision or if the employer needs to wait for a certificate to be issued.

DBS Adult First Checks Allow New Employees to Start Quickly

As a part of the Enhanced DBS check with the barred list, the Adult First check is done during stage 3 of the checking process. Employers registered with Aaron's Department's online system can apply for a quick check on the DBS Adult's Barred List. This checking enables employers to have workers start before the issuing of the full Enhanced DBS Certificate.

Registering to Aaron's Department's online service is free of charge. Once registered, a simple tick of the 'Adult First' box when creating the application is needed for our system to automatically request this service from the DBS.

Why Use an Adult First Check?

When making a recruitment decision for a position working with vulnerable adults (positions governed by the Care Quality Commission), employers should make sure that the applicants are not on the Vulnerable Adult's Barred List. This list contains names of people who are not allowed to work with senior people and people unable to care for themselves. A person is placed on this list if they have committed criminal offences which were directly involved with vulnerable adults, or they are deemed to be a risk to vulnerable adults. These lists are maintained by the DBS since its founding back in 2012.

How Does It Work?

The employer fills in an application form for an Enhanced DBS check, specifying the need for an Adult First check, which enables employers to check candidates against the DBS Adult's Barred List. This checking is done during stage 3 of the Enhanced DBS check with Barred Lists information.

The regular Enhanced DBS check goes through Stage 1, 2, 4 and 5, while the Enhanced with barred lists information is the only DBS check which goes through all 5.

Depending on the result of the check, this service allows a candidate to start working under supervision whilst waiting for their DBS Certificate. It is a temporary solution to staffing problems until the Enhanced DBS Certificate is issued.

What Does the Adult First Check Contain?

Usually within 48 hours or less the employer receives information clarifying whether the candidate is not on the barred list or if they should wait for the certificate to be issued.

If the candidate's name is not on the Adult's Barred list, the employer is notified that the candidate can start working in a supervised capacity, and they receive the following message: "No match exists for this person on the current Adults' Barred list."

If there is a match of the candidate's name on the Adult's Barred list or if further investigation is needed, the employer receives the following message: "Please wait to view applicant DBS Certificate" and the organisation must wait before recruiting the candidate.

What Does It Mean if the Candidate's Name Has a Match on the Vulnerable Adult's Barred List?

If the DBS sends information saying a match was found on the barred list, it still does not mean that the candidate has been barred.

It could mean there is a person with similarities on the list (such as name or date of birth), or that there is a criminal conviction which needs further exploring.

If this is the case, information about this is sent to the employer that requested the certificate stating that they should wait for the applicant's DBS Certificate to make the hiring decision.

What Does It Mean if the Candidate's Name is on the Adult's Barred List?

If a person is barred and on the list, they are classified as a potential risk to vulnerable adults because of their previous behaviour. In line with the UK Government's regulations, it is a criminal offence for a barred person to seek or work in activities from which they are barred. Note that it is also a criminal offence for employers or voluntary organisations to knowingly employ a barred person for a position which is a regulated activity.

Important Notice

In the case when an employee which initially was not on the Vulnerable Adult's Barred list when first hired proves to be harmful, employers are obliged to refer them to the Disclosure and Barring Service.

As stated by the UK Government, employers are obliged by law to report someone as unfit to work with children or vulnerable adults if they:

  • Sack them because they harmed someone.
  • Dismiss them or change their role because they might have harmed someone.
  • Were planning to sack them for either of these reasons, but they resigned first.

Who Can Request an Adult First Check?

DBS Adult First checks can only be requested by the employer if the candidate's duties will involve working in regulated activities which are directly involved in working with vulnerable adults. The Adult First check will allow the person to start working in a supervised role only until the certificate comes back and there is no information which will prevent them from performing their duties.

This applies to adult services where DBS Certificates are required by law, such as:

  • Care homes
  • Domiciliary care agencies
  • Adult placement schemes

Please note, this service is only available to organisations who are eligible to access the DBS's Adult's Barred list and who have requested a check of the Barred Lists on their DBS application form.

When to Request an Adult First Check?

DBS Adult First checks should be used only in exceptional circumstances and when absolutely necessary.

The Disclosure and Barring Service has strict criteria regarding the eligible applicants for an Adult First check:

  • The position must require a criminal record check by law.
  • Positions must be eligible for access to the DBS Adults’ Barred List.
  • Organisations must have requested a check of the DBS Adults’ Barred List on the DBS application form.

Note that a DBS Adult First is not a substitute for a DBS Certificate. Employers must take care when making recruitment decisions prior to receiving the full DBS Certificate.

Important notice

A DBS Adult First check is not appropriate where a person intends to work with both children and adults.

Those working with both groups will need to wait for the DBS Certificate to be returned to find out whether a person is barred from working with children.

There is no equivalent quick check of the children's barred list.

How to Apply for an Adult First Check?

DBS Adult First is part of the Enhanced DBS check and cannot be applied for separately.

Adult First checks can be requested by an employer once the Enhanced DBS application has passed DBS Stage 1.

Aaron's Department's online system allows you to automatically request a check by ticking the 'Adult First required?' box when creating the application.

Registering to Aaron's Department

Aaron's Department provides all types of DBS checks, including Enhanced DBS checks with Barred Lists information and the Adult First check, to organisations located in England and Wales. Our online system allows us to provide a very cost-effective and fast service. Registration is free, and our friendly support team will answer any questions you may have about completing a DBS check, or about our online DBS checking system.

Sign up now for free, and start using our quick and easy to understand service which is backed up by our fantastic support!

No Hidden Costs for a Fast and Effective Service

Aaron's Department is connected directly to the UK Government's gateway which allows fast processing of the DBS checks, resulting in a promptly returned Enhanced DBS Certificate.

Unlike other companies who offer similar services, we do not hide behind subscription methods or hidden fees. All our expenses are included on our website for both paper and online applications.

Additional discounts are available depending on the number of checks required and advanced payments made.

Our fastest result for a DBS Check in 2018 is just 1 Hour and 34 Minutes!
DBS Guarantee
Aaron's Department GUARANTEE, every application received will be processed and sent to the DBS the same day.

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A speedy efficient service.

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